News Release
February 8, 2022

New Toronto Public Health (TPH) data show that individuals with three doses of COVID-19 vaccine had the lowest hospitalization, intensive care unit admissions, and deaths over any other level of vaccination throughout the Omicron wave. Furthermore, the risk of hospitalization increases with age and the more under-vaccinated an individual is.

The data also demonstrate that vaccination has been effective in Toronto’s COVID-19 response throughout the Omicron wave, with breakthrough infections happening in only 2.4 per cent of individuals in Toronto with at least two doses of COVID-19 vaccine, and at least 14 days have passed from the date of administration of the second dose. This represents 56,659 cases among more than 2.3 million Toronto residents five years of age and older who had at least two doses of vaccine between December 21 and January 24.

In addition, there is even greater protection provided with three doses of COVID-19 vaccine. Those with three doses had the lowest hospitalization, ICU, and death over any other level of vaccination. The older and more under-vaccinated a case, the more likely they are to require hospitalization. Unvaccinated individuals 60 years of age or older are at a risk at least six-times higher of hospitalization from COVID-19 infection compared to those with three doses. They also have 14-times higher risk of ICU admission from COVID-19 illness, compared to those with three doses. The benefit of three doses is also evident when comparing those 60 years of age and older with two doses to those with three doses; the risk of hospitalization is four times higher with only two doses, and the risk of ICU admission is seven times higher

Approximately 90.8 per cent of Toronto residents aged 12 years and older have received at least one dose of the COVID-19, while 87.8 per cent have received two doses. Of those currently eligible to receive a third dose of COVID-19 vaccine, 61.1 per cent have done so.

It remains important for all eligible household members to get vaccinated, including some of our youngest residents. Data from Toronto and around the world has shown that the vaccine is safe and remains the best defense against contracting COVID-19, and significantly lowers the risk of hospitalization, ICU admission and death. Getting vaccinated will help protect yourself, your household members and your community from getting sick, especially as residents seek to connect with friends and loved ones over the holiday season. TPH is also encouraging residents to book their third dose appointment as soon as possible to ensure they have this essential layer of protection.

Pandemic data, including an epidemiological summary of cases, can be found online

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