MLTT will be charged on properties purchased in the City and on unregistered dispositions of a beneficial interest in land with closing dates on or after February 1, 2008.

As per the Provincial Land Transfer Act and property transaction requirements, payment for MLTT is due upon registration of your property. For further information, please contact your real estate lawyer.

Land Transfer Tax ‘De Minimis’ Partnership Exemption

The City is working with the Ministry of Finance to ensure a consistent application of the recent regulatory clarifications for all applicable ‘De Minimis’ transactions since the February 2008 introduction of the MLTT.

MLTT Audits

The City performs audits of exemptions applied at the time of registration. If you are selected, you will be required to provide supporting documentation as requested. You must keep your records for a period of seven years. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in immediate payment of tax, interest and penalty.