The City takes action to collect overdue property taxes. The collection protocol for unpaid property taxes is followed in accordance with Chapter 767 of the Toronto Municipal Code. Penalty and interest rates are set by City by-laws, pursuant to the City of Toronto Act, 2006.

A bailiff is an agent that acts on behalf of the City for collection process.

  • In-person serving of a Warrant to Distrain for Taxes to the property location, to advise of outstanding property taxes, interest/penalties and bailiff collection costs.
  • A mailed notice advising you that a warrant has been issued and the amount of the warrant.
  • Property title searches.
  • Telephone contact with the property owner(s), mortgage holder(s) and all other parties that appear on title.
  • Property site visits.
  • Attornment of Rent(s) (i.e. if a property is tenanted, the bailiff can direct the tenant(s) to submit rent payments to the bailiff. These attorned rents are then applied against the outstanding property taxes).
  • Issuing a Warrant to Distrain Goods/Property (i.e. the bailiff can register a common law lien against goods/property located in or on an owner’s property).
  • Issuing a Warrant to Seize Goods/Chattels (i.e. the bailiff can physically seize and remove goods/chattels from the property and ultimately sell items seized to recover the tax arrears).

A.O. Shingler & Co. Ltd.

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Sterling Bailiffs Inc.

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Telephone: 416-701-1322

Fax: 416-701-0005


S. Wilson & Co. Bailiffs Ltd.

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Mobile: 416-931-7878