Ask the Waste Wizard to find out where and how to properly dispose of an item.


The City of Toronto collects unwanted electronics for free to ensure they are disposed of safely, recycled and kept out of landfill. Electronic items can be put out on garbage day for pickup, brought to a Drop-off Depot or Community Environment Day or donated for reuse.


Protect your privacy: The City is not responsible for personal information contained on your electronic devices. Clear all personal information from computers, cell phones and electronics prior to collection/drop-off/donation (wipe your drives/clear your SIM cards).

Group of large electronic waste items. Includes a TV, VCR, laptop, computer monitor, printer, stereo, and speakers.
Group of small electronic waste items. Includes a cellphone, computer mouse, keyboard and cable, tablet, camera and video recorder.
  • Cell phones, home phones
  • Computer cables
  • Laptop computers & accessories
  • VCR/DVD players
  • Video recorders
  • TVs
  • Desktop computers, monitors
  • Printer & Fax machines
  • Accessories
  • Cameras
  • Receivers, speakers
  • Stereos, tuners, turntables

Note: Home and office electronics can also be safely disposed of through

  • Batteries. These are Household Hazardous Waste and can be disposed of safely at a Drop-Off Depot, Community Environment Day, or through an authorized retail program. You can also arrange for them to be picked up.
  • Remote controls. Remove batteries and dispose of remote controls as garbage.
  • Smoke detectors/alarms. Remove batteries and dispose of smoke detectors/alarms as garbage.
  • Toner cartridges. Remove from printer before setting printer out for electronic waste collection. Follow the cartridge manufacturer’s instructions for recycling or dispose of as garbage.
  • VHS tapes, CDs, DVDs and cassettes. Pass them on, donate them for reuse or look into your local electronics store’s recycling program. If these cannot be donated, they should be disposed of as garbage.
  • Set electronic items out on Garbage collection day for pick-up 0.5 metres (2 feet) away from your Garbage Bin.
  • Make sure the items can be seen by the collections crews.
  • Put large items such as computer monitors and televisions on the ground.
  • Put small items such as cell phones in a clear plastic bag or in an open cardboard box.
  • Electronics will be collected by a different truck after your garbage has been picked up.

Information for building managers

  • Place larger electronic items at your building’s regular collection point designated for oversized items.
  • Ensure items are visible and accessible.
  • Rigid containers with the items must not weigh more than 20 kilograms according to City collection policy.
  • You can place out four or more electronic items such as TV’s, stereos and computers, monitors, etc.
  • A special truck will pick up all electronics for either recycling or safe disposal.

Information for residents

  • Take electronic waste to your building’s designated drop-off area.