The City is responsible for the collection of Provincial Offences Act (POA) fines. This includes fines that are partially paid and fines that are in default.

Every person convicted of an offence under the Provincial Offences Act is sent a Notice of Fine and Due Date by the City. A fine goes into default if it is not paid in full by the due date listed on the notice.

The City uses any of the following methods to collect defaulted POA fines:

  • Referring the unpaid fines to external collection agencies contracted by the City (listed below).
  • Adding the unpaid fine to a municipal tax roll (municipal property tax bill).
  • Sending notification to the Ministry of Transportation to suspend a driver’s licence or deny validation of a vehicle licence plate.
  • Taking civil enforcement action in Superior Court of Justice

You can pay your Provincial Offence online, in person or by mail

Serious legal consequences may result if you do not pay your fine on time:

  • Your driver’s licence could be suspended for certain offences (there is a fee for reinstatement).
  • City could seek an order that your employer withhold portions of your wages and send them directly to the City until the debt is fully paid.
  • City could seek an order to have your property (real estate, cars, personal property, etc.) seized and sold to pay off the debt.
  • City could add the fines to the tax roll of real property you own.
  • City could seek an order for your bank to pay the debts directly from your bank account.
  • A freeze on renewing your licence plate sticker for certain offences.
  • Lowered credit score.
  • Formal collection proceedings via Private Collection Agency.  Your account will be sent to a 3rd party collection agency for collection proceedings.
  • Exposure to additional fees, costs, interest, and surcharges.

No, there is no time limit.   Statute of limitations does not apply to provincial fines.

Offence Notice (Ticket) or Summons:

Prior to a fine being issued, a ticket or a Summons is served by the police or other enforcement agency in order to notify the person or corporation of the charge.   Tickets have a voluntary payment option with the total amount payable located on the front of the ticket and the instructions for payment located on the back of the ticket.

Summonses on the other hand require the person or corporation charged to appear on a future court date.  A summons includes information about when and where a person must appear before the court

Notice of Fine and Due Date:

A Notice of Fine and Due Date is sent after the person or corporation is found guilty in court.

Collection Agency Letters:

Prior to the enforcement of a license suspension, a courtesy notice is sent for all defaulted fines that are eligible for a driver’s license suspension.

A “collection demand letter” is sent for all defaulted fines regardless of the age of the fine.

Legal Notices

City of Toronto will send a letter when collection steps are being taken that could directly affect the person or company’s assets (property, car, wages, bank accounts etc.).

Tax bills

When an unpaid defaulted fine is added to property tax bill, the amount will appear on your municipal tax bill.

The City of Toronto often uses collection agencies to help collect unpaid fines.  If a collection agency has called you or sent you a letter, please call that collection agency directly.  Collection agencies can answer questions about your unpaid fine.

If you have not been contacted by a collection agency, or if you have questions after contacting a collection agency, please call the City’s Court Services Collection Unit at 416-338-7320; please press 4 for collections.  You can also find more information about your fine(s) on our Court Case Look Up page.


Agency Contact Information
Agency Toll-Free Telephone Number
ARO Inc. 1-866-285-7128
CBV Collections Services Ltd. 1-844-528-0423
Collectcents Inc. – Credit Bureau of Canada Collections 1-877-817-8767
International Credit Experts Inc. 1-888-348-9587
Transworld Systems Canada 1-888-688-7967
Financial Debt Recovery Ltd. 1-844-228-5459
Gatestone & Co. 1-866-238-2838
General Credit Services Inc. 1-855-777-4274
Groupe Solution Collect Solo Inc. 1-833-839-2404
MJR Capital Services Inc. 1-877-669-4935
National Credit Recovery Inc. 1-833-370-5149
Partners in Credit Inc. 1-855-483-0981

If you feel your question has not been answered or you have a complaint or compliment, please follow the link to Court Services Complaint & Compliments.