A new bylaw requires building owners to report their energy and water use to the City annually.

Homes and buildings that use gas or fossil fuels for heating and hot water are the largest source of emissions in Toronto today. To address the climate emergency, we must switch our homes and buildings to cleaner energy sources and make them much more energy efficient.

The City offers a range of programs, funding, and supports to help you create a more comfortable home or building.

Support for Homeowners

Financing, incentives and rebates from the City and utility companies to make your home more energy efficient.

Eco-Roof Incentive Program

Incentives to fund the expansion of eco-roofs across the City.

Support for Larger Buildings

Funding and expertise to help building owners reduce emissions in residential, commercial and industrial and buildings.

Heating & Cooling with a Heat Pump

Find out how a heat pump system can completely replace your furnace and air-conditioner.


Information and resources to help Toronto residents and businesses assess the rooftop solar potential of their properties.

Wastewater Energy Program

A low-carbon heating and cooling solution for buildings.