The Streetscape Master Plan Program provides eligible BIAs with one-time funding to acquire consulting services to create comprehensive streetscape plans that guide future improvements.

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BIA streetscape master plans help identify a long-term vision for streetscape improvements that can be implemented with support from the BIA Capital Cost-Share Program and other funding sources. Capital Plans provide a framework for the goals and aspirations of the BIA and a reference for City Divisions and Agencies when other works are planned for the area.

One-time cost-matched funding up to $25,000 is available for professional consulting services. To obtain funding under the program, the BIA must include in its application a draft Request for Proposal for the consulting services.

Any work begun on a streetscape master plan prior to obtaining grant approval by the Manager of the City of Toronto BIA Office is ineligible for grant funding. The grant funding is administered to the BIA after completion of the Streetscape Master Plan.

BIAs interested in the program must:

  • Have an established Board of Management approved by the current Council
  • Have an operating budget, adopted at a general meeting of the BIA and approved by Council, for the year the project is to be implemented
  • Be in good standing with the City Auditor and the City’s Finance Planning Division with respect to the preparation and audit of the BIA annual financial statements

Applications for the Streetscape Master Plan Program are now open and can be submitted online.

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