Curb Lane Café permit applications and renewals are now closed.

Curb lane cafés provide expanded temporary outdoor dining space for use by licensed food and drink establishments. Curb lane cafés are outdoor dining areas located on the street, directly adjacent to a curb.

New Applicants

Interested in having a curb lane patio for the first time?

Returning Operators

Want to renew your curb lane patio permit?


Permit applications and renewals
Complete – January 15 to March 1

Current: Application review period
Current – January 15 to May 17

Current: Platform designs due for new applicants
Current – March 15 to April 15

Current: Platform design review period
Current – March 15 to May 17

Incomplete: Curb lane cafés installed
Upcoming – 90% open by May 17 (Victoria Day Weekend)

Incomplete: Deadline for platform installation
Upcoming – June 1

Incomplete: All curb lane cafés and platforms removed
Upcoming – by October 15