The CaféTO Program provides restaurants and bars in Toronto with the opportunity to access public space and expand their outdoor dining space through sidewalk cafés, curb lane cafés or patios on private property. Learn more about the permit, registration and zoning bylaws for the three café types below.

Sidewalk Cafés

Apply for a sidewalk café permit to serve food and drinks on the sidewalk year round.

Curb Lane Cafés

Apply for a curb lane café permit to install a temporary curb lane café on the street, adjacent to the curb.

Patios on Private Property

Find details about the rules for installing or expanding patios on private property, such as parking lots.

Also learn about the City of Toronto’s Amplified Live Music on Patios program that allows for amplified live music on CaféTO cafés and the CaféTO Property Improvement Program, a matching grant covering 50 per cent of the cost of eligible property or site improvements related to curb lane café installations, sidewalk cafés or patios on private property.