Your donations are crucial to support medical care for animals in our shelters and spay/neuter initiatives in the community. 100 per cent of your donation is used to directly benefit the animals in this city.


Toronto Animal Services has various programs and initiatives to support the care of animals and pets in Toronto, but we can’t do it alone!  It is with your donation that we can provide urgent medial care and life-saving services to many of the animals that enter our shelter as well as support for pet owners who are facing barriers in accessing veterinarian care. Read below to learn how your support and donations help to provide essential care.

We work with dog behavior consultants to determine if training is required before a dog becomes available for adoption. Dogs who need basic training or help integrating or socializing with other dogs attend a train and board facility as part of our Second Chance Dog program. Since 2021, 40 dogs who would otherwise not be suitable for adoption found placements due to this program. It is thanks to your donations that we can continue to home dogs that deserve a second chance.

We currently use an external partner for train and board services. Our goal, with the help of your donations, is to have an on-site dog trainer. This would allow us to place more dogs in homes faster thereby increasing their shelter stay.

The animals in our shelters often need unique supplies for health and comfort. Thanks to your donations we can enhance the quality of life for shelter animals by providing more specialty items where needed. This includes items such as food for animals with special diets, shampoo for animals with skin issues, and mobility devices for animals who may need assistance.

The SNYP mobile clinic program and our SNYP Truck provide spay and neuter services to cats and dogs, as well as vaccinations and wellness checks. While the mobile clinic is open to all Toronto residents, the SNYP truck aims to prioritize and provide reduced-cost services to pet owners who may be facing financial barriers accessing veterinary care. Thanks to your donation, the SNYP Truck was able to help more than 900 pets and 671 pet owners in Toronto.

To help control the pet population and improve the quality of life for animals, we spay and neuter most of the animals brought into our shelter before they become available for adoption. We also provide this service to residents and individuals facing barriers to veterinarian care at a reduced cost. With the help of your donations, we’ve been able to spay or neuter more than 5,000 animals since 2021.

Toronto Animal Services is also one of the eight members of Toronto’s Feral Cat Coalition that works to provide spay and neuter services and address issues with feral and homeless cats.

More than 6,200 animals have entered our shelter since 2021. We rely on monetary and in-kind donations to provide enrichment items for our shelter pets. This includes toys, treats, exercise play-areas, pools to cool dogs in the summer, and clothes to keep them warm during outdoor winter play. If you would like to make an in-kind donation, our wish list includes items that we need the most.

There are many animals that enter our shelter and need specialty medical care that cannot be administered in-house. This includes services such as X-rays, surgeries, skin care, dental care and after-hour emergencies. Thanks to your donations, these animals can receive the care they needed to live a healthy life. Since 2021, 96 animals have been able to receive life-saving medical care.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021, we provided financial assistance, guidance and support to pet owners who were experiencing hardship and struggling to care and provide necessities for their pets. Our services and guidance were tailored to individual pet needs and most often included access to an electronic gift card for either PetSmart or Ren’s Pets stores.

By providing community supports to residents and removing barriers to accessible pet care services, we were able to increase the chances of owners and pets being kept together.