Your donations are crucial to support medical care for animals in our shelters and spay/neuter initiatives in the community. 100 per cent of your donation is used to directly benefit the animals in this city.


How We Used Your Donations in 2018

  • $54,290.11 spent on surgical and medical supplies for the spay/neuter clinic
  • $15,675.38 for medical supplies for shelter animals
  • $84,220.64 for internal veterinary services
  • $5,444.16 for a dog behaviour consultant so that we can find the best possible human match for the dogs in our care
  • $2,238.72 to pay the Outreach Coordinator for the SNYP Truck
  • $11,180.97 for operational expenses for the Spay Neuter Your Pet Truck (SNYP Truck)
  • $1,610.92 for natural gas costs for the feral cat recovery centre – where feral cats go for a few days of rest and relaxation after they are spayed or neutered and before they are released back to their outdoor colony
  • $311.31 for the hydro costs for the feral cat recovery centre
  • $6,410.88 promotions and advertising for programs that directly benefit animals