Animal Services accepts monetary donations, grocery store gift cards as well as supplies to help the animals in its care.


Our shelters receive donations daily and we are so grateful for the generous support of our pet community. While we appreciate the donations, we can’t always use the items that are donated. If you are looking to help our shelter pets, here is a list of the items we need the most:

Cat Milk

  • KMR Kitten Milk Replacement (powder and liquid) for foster parents
  • Esbilac Milk Replacement* Please make sure to check the expiry date as we can only accept non-expired items.

Medical Supplies and Equipment

  • digital animal thermometers
  • baby scales (for cat foster program)

Miscellaneous Animal Supplies

  • grocery store gift cards to purchase fresh green greens for our rabbits and small animals
  • new cat litter: clay only
  • new animal nursing bottles
  • wire dog crates (large and extra-large)
  • new towels, thin blankets and sheets (no comforters please as they don’t fit in our washers)
  • grooming items such as a FURminator brush, slicker brushes, grooming gloves etc.
  • cat treats
  • Friskies cat canned food (pâté)
  • High-value treats for dogs (Such as Chewmasters)
  • peanut butter

New Animal Toys for Enrichment

For cats

  • new Mylar crinkle cat toys
  • new fuzzy mice
  • Stretch & Scratch (in packages of 6, 12, 25 and 30)
  • new feather teaser toys

For dogs

New dog toys including:

  • Kong’s for both large and small dogs
  • ropes
  • puzzle toys
  • treat-dispensing toys
  • Chuck-it launcher and balls

For rabbits

  • rabbit toys
  • foraging mats