Our specialized programs are for individuals with disabilities who want to be involved in recreational activities with other people who have similar interests, abilities and needs in a safe and positive environment. These programs are designed with smaller group sizes.

To access Adapted and Inclusive Services (AIS) you need an AIS membership. If you have never used adapted and inclusive services before, contact the hotline at 416-395-6128 at least four weeks before registration. We will assess your needs and if possible provide you with an AIS Membership.

AIS Membership Process

  1. Call the hotline and request Adapted and Inclusive Services
  2. Complete the First Contact form with City staff over the phone. This form is forwarded to the appropriate City staff for processing.
  3. Attend an in-person meeting with, and set up by, staff to complete Intake Package
  4. Review Intake Package with staff and discuss the best options. Staff will register you or your child into a confidential database to help match appropriate services and programs.
  5. Agree to options, after which Staff will process Adapted Inclusive Services membership. Additional options or other resources are provided.
  6. Register for programs using the AIS membership. LearnĀ How to Register for Recreation Programs.

All forms provided by City staff must be completed.

Register for Programs

Go to the FUN Guide or eFun to find barcodes for all programs, including AIS.

To use AIS:

  1. Register for the recreation program of your choice
  2. Register for AIS services


Adapted Ski and Snowboard Programs

The City offers downhill adapted and inclusive recreational ski and snowboard programs at Earl Bales Ski and Snowboard Centre. Learn about Downhill Skiing and Snowboarding Centres. For adapted ski and snowboard programs that require specialized equipment, please contact OntarioTrack 3 Association.

Transportation to and from recreation programs is not included.

Inclusive services are offered so that participants with disabilities may choose to join general programs for the mutual benefit of experiencing recreational interests together with other participants. Inclusive Staff is a limited resource.

Inclusive Services can be provided:

  • for up to a maximum of two weeks per child for summer camps city-wide
  • for one recreation program during fall, winter and spring.

Inclusive Services cannot be provided:

  • for evenings and weekends in the summer
  • in cases where participants require 1:1 support for behavioural, personal or medical care.

For 1:1 support, participants will be requested to provide their own support worker/family member/volunteer. People who bring their own support person must let staff know and complete the related forms. Call the hotline for information.