Critical incidents in the workplace

Critical incidents are highly stressful events that have the potential to overwhelm an individual’s usual coping abilities. The City’s Occupational Health & Safety Coordinating Committee has endorsed the Critical Incidents in the Workplace: Management Guide prepared by the City’s Employee Assistance Program to aid supervisors and managers in managing a critical incident in the workplace.

Assessing workplace psychosocial risk factors

Ottawa Public Health posts whiteboard animation videos on the 13 factors that contribute to psychological health and safety in the workplace. A facilitator’s guide is also available.

Facilitating resilience in the workplace

Homewood Human Solutions’ newsletter highlights the need for a resilient workforce. Learn more about your role in fostering this essential trait within your team.

Recognizing potential mental health concerns

Manulife Financial offers a short video on Detecting Mental Health Issues in the Workplace to assist supervisors. A summary sheet is also available to review the clues to help detect mental health issues in the workplace.

Supporting the employee

Workplace Strategies for Mental Health offers short videos on managing issues related to mental health in the workplace. The program uses a story-based approach and is broken down by module to cover common situations in the work life.

Manulife Financial offers a short video on Having the Talk with an employee who may be suffering from a mental health concern. A summary sheet is also available to review the key points when having this discussion.

A cropped photo of the City of Toronto's EAP brochure, which has a woman smiling and holding a telephone receiver to her ear

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The City of Toronto’s EAP offers confidential short-term counselling, information and referral services to members of the Toronto Public Service and eligible family members. Call 416-392-6633 or TTY 416-338-2916 – 24/7.

An image with a green puzzle piece labeled with the word Health.
Employee Health and Rehabilitation
Employee Health and Rehabilitation provides multi-disciplinary expertise to the employee and the workplace when health-related issues impact on an employee’s ability to do his/her job. Call 416-392-7330.

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ELI Learning Management System

The City of Toronto offers two courses for managers and supervisors:

Managing and assisting the troubled employee

Course Description: Learn the knowledge and skills to manage employees who face challenges, such as substance abuse, mental health problems, anger management, family and personal issues.


Managing employees with health issues

Course Description: This course provides managers and supervisors with the information, tools and resources they need in order to manage employees who have a health problem (injury or illness) and who may require accommodation in the workplace.


Register for these courses by logging on to the ELI Learning Management System.