This information is designed to assist City employees with understanding and applying the City’s Disclosure of Wrongdoing and Reprisal Protection provisions. Read the Disclosure of Wrongdoing and Reprisal Protection provisions.

Questions & Answers

What is my role and responsibilities under the provision?

  • Be observant of possible wrongdoing.
  • if you are a:
    • City employee and you are aware that wrongdoing has occurred, immediately notify your manager, your Division Head, or the Auditor General’s Office (including anonymous reporting via the Auditor General’s Wrongdoing hotline);
    • Manager and you have received allegations of wrongdoing, immediately report the allegation to your Division Head, the Deputy City Manager, or – if the Division Head is implicated in the allegation – the City Manager; and
    • A Division Head, Deputy City Manager or the City Manager, immediately report allegations to the Auditor General.

What is different about the By-law’s provisions and the previous City policies?

  • The definition of wrongdoing consolidates and updates the previous definitions found in the previous Fraud Prevention Policy and Whistle-blower Protection Policy.
  • The roles and responsibilities of the Auditor General and the City Manager are clarified.
  • A clearer outline of the multiple channels that are available to report suspected wrongdoing and allegations of reprisal is provided.

What happened to the Whistle-blower Protection Policy we already had?

The TPS By-law Disclosure of Wrongdoing and Reprisal Protection provisions replace two previous City policies – the Fraud Prevention Policy and Whistleblower Protection Policy.