The City manages the distribution of child care fee subsidy to help eligible Toronto families who need help with the cost of child care.   As per the City budget, the available funding provides approximately 30,700 child care fee subsidies.

Waitlist for Child Care Fee Subsidy

There is a waitlist for child care fee subsidy, due to the limited number of child care fee subsidies.  Go to Toronto’s Dashboard and enter ‘child care’ in the search to find statistics on the child care fee subsidy wait list.

Ward targets for child care fee subsidy

Targets guide the distribution of subsidies among the City’s wards.

For a copy of the following reports, contact 416-392-3594 or email

  • Stratégie pour enfants d’âge intérimaire
  • Toronto Middle Childhood Strategy – Implementation Plan

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Raising the Village is an initiative that provides communities with research and data (demographics and child & family outcome indicators) that measures the well-being of children and families. This initiative provides evidence for informed decision making.