Every document in a TLAB proceeding, including all visual evidence, must be provided and shown in electronic PDF format.

The tribunal recognizes that people may not have technical expertise with computers and may request support. If you have questions related to the electronic filing of forms, documents, digital signatures, or any other electronic correspondence, TLAB office staff are happy to provide limited assistance. Specific directions may require the advice of persons qualified to provide assistance. TLAB support staff cannot assume responsibilities belonging to parties and participants, give advice on responsibilities or provide compliance reporting with the TLAB Rules of Practice and Procedure.

TLAB support services can be contacted by telephone at 416-392-4697 or by email at tlab@toronto.ca.

All documents and forms which are served by email on other parties (persons) related to a TLAB proceeding must be also be copied (Cc’d) to the TLAB at tlab@toronto.ca.
All emails related to a TLAB proceeding must include in the subject line:

  • TLAB Case File number
  • Name of Form or title of the Document
  • Property address

The names of the sender and the intended recipient(s) must be clearly stated. The type of matter must be addressed in the body of the email.
The email message including attachment(s) must not be larger than 10MB or it will be rejected by the system. Alternative service requirements should be discussed with TLAB Staff; however Rule requirements for service must be met.
Electronic service and filing of forms and supporting documents and materials may be done by sending more than one email. In the event more than one email is required to serve and file the forms and supporting documents, the emails should clearly identify that the emails relate to the same case in the subject line.

Documents and forms may be submitted to the Toronto Local Appeal Body on USBs.  The USBs containing the documents or forms must:

  • Be formatted for use in a Windows based system (FAT32 or NTFS).
  • Contain only the documents for TLAB submission.  There should be no additional, unrelated documents in the USB drive.
  • Not contain documents that are compressed or zipped.
  • Not contain any folders.  All files must be readily visible on USB drive when open.
  • Documents submitted on USBs that do not meet these criteria will not be processed by TLAB.

USBs submitted by mail will not be returned to the sender.

  • All drawings must be in metric and drawn to a standard scale (i.e. 1:100, 1:200, 1:500);
  • All drawings must contain one diagram, to scale, per page;
  • Font of plans and drawings is to be sufficiently legible [if the plans and drawings are not sufficiently legible on at 215 mm x 279 mm (8.5″ x 11″), they may need to be resubmitted at the provider’s expense];
  • Drawings must display the municipal address, TLAB Case File Number, project name, drawing title, preparation date, site and project statistics;
  • North arrow with appropriate cross-references to other plans, elevations or cross-sections;
  • Legend for all symbols, hatching and shading;
  • All files must be submitted in “Portable Document Format” (PDF), version 7 or later;
  • Plans/Drawings with multiple pages and sets must be combined into a single PDF file;
  • All submission material must be submitted without a password and/or restrictions; and
  • Drawings must not have any layers.
  • Photographs must be digitally unaltered taken through a standard lens, neither telephoto nor wide-angle, and presented as actual size PDF attachments with locator descriptions and identification as above and below described, naming the photographer.
  • Total size for each digital file should be less than 10 MB.

The Digital file names must describe the digital file including the form or document name and subject property address:

  • Notice of Appeal Application_100 Main St.pdf;
  • Survey_ Plan_100 Main St.pdf; or
  • Plans_100-main-street.pdf (includes floor plans, elevations, site plan and statistics).

During a hearing, TLAB will provide digital video display equipment (HDTV), a computer with all filed appeal documents, and a multi-device adaptor. Instructions will be provided by TLAB staff to make the process run smoothly. Parties may use their own laptop, electronic tablet, mobile smart phone or other electronic device capable of connecting to a digital TV through either HDMI cable, HDMI adaptor or USB.