Concept 2 Keys (C2K) is improving the development review process and the experience for both City staff and development applicants. This includes improving processes, fostering consistency, resolving application issues early and introducing digital resources. These improvements build on recommendations from the End-to-End Review of the Development Review Process.

The systemic improvements being implemented by C2K continue to be tested and refined through expedited reviews of affordable housing projects and are now being implemented on a wider scale in the Etobicoke York District.

Learn more about Concept 2 Keys and how it’s improving the City’s development review process.

The City’s new online Application Submission Tool (AST) is available for use by all development applicants in Toronto.

The AST was tested and refined by applicants in the Etobicoke York District and those with affordable housing applications that are part of Concept 2 Keys. An easy and secure way for them to upload new applications and supporting materials, the AST also gives applicants the ability to check the status of applications in real time.

At this time, the tool only supports the initial submission of development review applications. All resubmissions will still be handled in the same manner as they are today.

Questions about the AST may be sent to


Application Submission Tool – Getting Started Tip Sheet

Application Submission Tool – How-To Guide

Video of Application Submission Tool Information and Demo Session – December 2, 2021

Video demonstration of the Application Submission Tool

Release date: October 28, 2022

  1. Any additional person included on your ‘Add People’ page will now receive notifications

Any additional people that you include in the ‘Add People’ page will receive automated AST email notifications based on the contact information you have provided. You no longer have to add them to the ’email recipients list’ for them to be notified whenever there is an update in application status.

Screenshot of the 'Add People Page' on the Application Submission Tool. It shows the field to add an additional applicant to the submission.

This new feature will also allow them to see the application on their dashboard if they are signed into AST. At this time, the view capability is only for submission status, not the submission itself.

  1. Addition of a new ‘Intake Complete’ status

Once payment has been confirmed and processed, you will receive an email notification that your application intake is now complete. The status on your dashboard will also be updated to ‘Intake Complete.’ This informs you that your payment has been processed and what the next steps in the development review process are.

Screenshot of the Application Submission Tool Dashboard showing the new status 'Intake Complete'

  1. Additional buttons at the top of ‘Add Supporting Documents’ screen

There are now additional buttons on the top of the ‘Add Supporting Documents’ page to enable easier navigation. You no longer need to scroll to the bottom of the page if you want to go to a previous page or return to the dashboard.

Screenshot that shows the additional buttons at the top of ‘Add Supporting Documents’ screen


Release date: July 25, 2022

  1. Receive email notifications when additional information is required

You will receive notification when City staff have reviewed your submission materials and determined that additional information is required. This will include clear instructions on what needs to be updated. You will no longer need to wait for City staff to request additional files through email when additional information or documentation is required during the intake process.

  1. Update documents through the Application Submission Tool

You will now be able to log in to the Application Submission Tool and see which applications have been marked as “Upload Documentation / Information Required.” Rather than having to wait for a secure link from City staff to provide your materials, you can now click ”Update”’ on your dashboard and provide the required documents. Once that process is complete, you can then submit your updated application.

  1. Updated status on the dashboard

Once you have updated your materials on the Application Submission Tool and submitted your application to the City again, your application status on the dashboard changes from ”Upload Information / Documentation Required” to ”Application Updated.”


Release date: March 30, 2022

  1. Add additional people to receive email notifications

You can now add up to five people from your team who are associated with the file submission. By doing so, they will also receive email notifications updating them on the progress of the application submission and informing them of status changes. You will no longer be required to forward the email updates, if you have had to do so in the past.

This feature can be found on the ‘Add People’ screen.

A screen within the Application Submission Tool that allows users to add additional recipients to receive email notifications from the City of Toronto.


  1. Include additional information for your upload

You can now include any additional details that you want the City’s planning consultant to be aware of as part of your submission. There is a limit of 2,000 characters in this field.

A screen within the Application Submission Tool that allows users to add additional information for the City of Toronto's Planning Consultants.

A new file circulation tool will enable City staff and commenting partners to review planning applications, provide comments and revise planning drawings in a coordinated and collaborative manner. The City will be collaborating with the development industry and staff in the design of this tool.

Collaborate with the City in the building of effective development review tools by providing your input directly to C2K’s Customer Experience and Technology Team. Engagement opportunities include:

Application Submission Tool

  • A 30- to 60-minute session in which you’ll try out new features of the Application Submission Tool and let us know what you think of them
  • A Change Agent Network for the Application Submission Tool (meetings to begin in September)

File Circulation Tool

  • A Change Agent Network for the City’s upcoming File Circulation Tool, which the City is currently working to procure (meetings to begin in Q1 of 2023)

To find out more or sign up to participate in any of the options above, please email Ankita Verma, Manager, Customer Experience & Technology at

Newly formed application review teams made up of City staff from commenting divisions are working on applications for affordable housing and in the Etobicoke York District. Working as a team, they ensure applicants are provided with clear and consistent information and guidance.

Application coordinators are fostering collaboration and issues resolution among the City’s new application review teams. They are also working closely with affordable housing applicants to meet expedited timelines related to various forms of funding.

Mandatory pre-application consultation is a formal meeting between a development applicant, City staff and relevant external commenting partners, held at the beginning of the development review process.

Pre-application consultation is currently voluntary in Toronto, but most applicants participate in some form of pre-application consultation with City staff prior to submitting a development application. Making pre-application consultation mandatory provides an opportunity to improve and formalize an already well-used practice and support timely review of a development application.

Improvements to the early stages of the development review process, beginning with mandatory pre-application consultation, result in the submission of higher-quality applications, increase the number of applications moving from pre-application consultation to actual submission, reduce the overall number of circulations and help to establish mutual accountability between applicants and staff early on.

Information & Reports

On February 2, 2022, City Council adopted a City-initiated Official Plan Amendment pertaining to Mandatory Pre-Application Consultation. An associated Municipal By-law Amendment was also adopted.

This Official Plan Amendment introduces a requirement for applicants to consult with the City before submitting an application for Official Plan Amendment, Zoning By-law Amendment, Plan of Subdivision or Site Plan Control. An associated Municipal By-law Amendment to Chapter 415 of the Toronto Municipal Code has been adopted to implement the Mandatory Pre-Application Consultation requirement.

Mandatory Pre-Application Consultation is scheduled to go into effect on April 3, 2023.

If you would like more information about the Official Plan Amendment or associated Municipal By-law Amendment, please email

Mandatory Pre-Application Consultation Open House – September 14, 2021

The presentation and a meeting summary from the City’s virtual public Open House are available for review.

If you would like a link to the video recording of the Open House, please email