A summary of the results of the annual survey, which offers analysis of the changes in the City’s economy over the past decade.

The Toronto Profile bulletin Development Pipeline provides an overview of where and how the City is growing.

The Living in Downtown and the Centres Survey was conducted to learn more about those who live in these areas.

Why Monitor Condominium Activity?

This bulletin reports on Toronto’s condominium development trends since 2002 including units built and proposed through development applications. It examines condominium tenure, occupant demographics, geographic location, building type, and unit type (number of bedrooms) in these developments. It also reviews condominium sales prices, rental rates, and maintenance fees. The former City of Toronto previously published the Condominium Monitor series in 1984, 1985, and 1988, documenting the rapid growth of this form of housing in Toronto.

The Flashforward research paper projected population and employment for the city and for smaller areas within it from 1996 to 2031.