Daily posting of shelter occupancy is suspended. As part of the City’s COVID-19 response, temporary shelter spaces and hotel locations are being added and existing program capacities are changing to achieve physical distancing. Updated numbers will be provided as soon as possible once information is confirmed regarding new program capacities. Stay up-to-date on all changes to City services and when they may resume by visiting toronto.ca/covid19. People experiencing homelessness can call Central Intake 416-338-4766 or 1-877-338-3398.

As part of our COVID-19 response for people experiencing homelessness, the City has created new programs in community centres and temporary locations, as well as activating hotel locations to increase physical distancing in our existing shelter system. As we work to establish physical distancing at each of our existing shelter programs, and transfer clients to new programs, capacity and occupancy across the shelter system is constantly in flux.

As an interim measure, while we work to establish full and accurate reporting on current program capacities, we have established a point-in-time snapshot on the number of clients in our shelter system. This snapshot will be updated once a week and represents occupancy on the day listed below, however it may not be inclusive of all programs and should not be compared to past occupancy statistics. We apologize for the limitations of this data and will work toward more transparent reporting as soon as possible. To access an emergency shelter space, call Central Intake at 416-338-4766, 1-877-338-3398.

Shelter Programs Individuals Rooms Occupied Pre-COVID19 Capacity
Shelter Programs Total 2,103   4,337
Mixed Adult 340 799
Men 948 1,945
Women 479 1,047
Youth 336 546
Family Shelter Programs Total 1,712 526 766
Families (Shelters) 605 195 259
Families (Motels) 1,107 331 507
Allied services Individuals Pre-COVID19 Capacity
Allied Services Total 276
Dixon Hall- 351 Lakeshore Blvd E. Respite 41 100
Fred Victor 1A Strachan Ave. Respite 46 100
Margaret’s 21 Park Rd. Respite 25 30
Margaret’s 323 Dundas St. E. Respite 21 35
St. Felix Centre – 25 Augusta Ave. Respite 20 50
St. Felix Centre 69 Fraser Respite 43 100
Warden Woods 705 Progress Ave Respite 27 49
Sistering 24-hour women’s drop-in 13 50
Fred Victor 24-hour women’s drop-in 40 70
COVID-19 Programs Individuals
24-hour temporary response sites 266
Driftwood CC 0
John Innes CC 0
Matty Eckler CC 0
Warden Hilltop CC 0
Jimmie Simpson CC 0
Trinity Bellwoods 36
St. Felix – Esplanade 27
Homes First Society – 5800 Yonge St. Building B 65
354 George Street 50
188 Carlton 40
Seaton House Response Site 48
Hotels for physical distancing 1,638
Isolation/Recovery programs 53
Streets to Homes (S2H) Satellite Interim Housing 151
All COVID-19 Programs 2,108
Total 6,199


* Note: All community centre programs have now closed and clients relocated to other programs. These programs will be removed from reporting next week.

Bar graph describing average nightly number of people served in Toronto's shelter system from January to December

Figures show average nightly occupancy by month in all City of Toronto permanent shelter programs. Statistics are from the Shelter Management Information System which was in use throughout the system by Jan 2011.