The City is studying the parks and outdoor spaces in and around the Kennedy Park and Ionview neighbourhoods to identify opportunities for improvement. These improvements could include upgrades to existing parks, new parks, and better access and connections to parks and public spaces. The findings of this study will guide short and long-term improvements to the local park system.

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The timeline is subject to change. Various community engagement activities will be planned throughout the study process.

  • Winter 2022 to Fall 2023: Phase 1: Review Background
  • Fall 2023 to Summer 2024: Phase 2: Understand Needs, Gaps, and Opportunities (current phase)
  • Fall 2024: Phase 3: Prepare the Parks Plan

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Level of Engagement

This project has been classified as an Involve project based on the International Association of Public Participation Spectrum. This means we work directly with the public, stakeholders and rightsholders throughout the study process to ensure that ideas and aspirations are understood and considered in the study process. 

The project team conducted research and community engagement activities to learn how the Study Area’s park system currently functions, and how the community uses these parks and outdoor spaces.

September 2023

Existing Conditions Background Report Available

A report summarizing the existing conditions of the parks and open space system serving the Kennedy Park-Ionview community is available. It includes an inventory of parks and open spaces, park facilities and amenities in the area. It also provides general information about the history, demographics, development and transit network. The findings in this report will help with the next phase by identifying needs and gaps in parkland and opportunities to address them.

Download the full Existing Conditions Background Report.

February 2023

Youth Workshop

On February 9, a youth workshop took place at Don Montgomery Community Recreation Centre. The goal of the workshop was to understand how young people use parks and open spaces in the area in order to help inform future opportunities to create inclusive park spaces and to connect, improve, and expand parkland. Approximately 20 young people participated in the workshop.

Download the February 2023 workshop summary.

December 2022

Interactive Map Activity

A Social Pinpoint activity was made available from October 30 to December 3. The activity involved an interactive map that allowed participants to drop pins and leave comments on precise locations within the Study Area. The project team collected feedback about what is and isn’t working, as well as opportunities and suggestions for improvements. In total, 540 people participated in the activity.

Download the December 2022 social pinpoint summary.

The project team will discover needs and gaps in the local parks system through community engagement where opportunities to address these needs and gaps will be identified.

April 2024

In-Person Indigenous Community Workshop

On April 24, a community workshop was held at Don Montgomery Community Recreation Centre where Indigenous community members and those who work with a group that serves Indigenous communities were invited to share their experiences and ideas on parks.

Download the April 24, 2024 workshop presentation.

The workshop summary will be posted as soon as it is available.

December 2023

In-Person Community Workshops

On December 5, a community workshop was held. Community members were invited to share their ideas and local knowledge at this workshop.

The workshop presentation will be posted as soon as it is available.

Download the:

October 2023

In-Person Community Pop-Up Events

On October 1, the project team held pop-up events outside of Don Montgomery Community Recreation Centre and Jack Goodlad Park, where more than 65 community members learned about the Study and shared their ideas.

Download the October 1, 2023 pop-up summary.

In this phase, the project team will develop and finalize a local Parks Plan summarizing needs and gaps within the Study Area’s park system, including opportunities and recommendations to address them. This plan will guide short, medium and long-term improvements in the Kennedy Park-Ionview parks system.

The community engagement activities anticipated in this phase include an open house and an online survey.

In 2019, City Council adopted the Parkland Strategy, which identified the Kennedy Park and Ionview neighbourhoods in Scarborough as a priority area for parks planning and acquisitions. As a next step, a parkland study will be conducted to investigate opportunities to improve the local parks system. The findings will be developed into a Parks Plan, which will be used as a roadmap to inform decision-making and budget allocation for years to come.

Study Area

Map illustrating the boundaries of the Kennedy Park-Ionview study area in the Scarborough district. The study area is bounded by Birchmount Rd (to the west), the Hydro Corridor and West Highland Creek (to the north), McCowan Rd (to the east), and St. Clair Ave E (to the south).