The City is proceeding with improvements to Scarborough Gardens Arena as part of a state-of-good-repair project to address the existing roof structure.

Project Timeline

  • 2021: Design and construction tendering for a full replacement of the roof
  • 2022: Construction
  • Late 2022: Facility anticipated to re-open

An update will be provided in December 2020 with a summary of the scope of work to be undertaken and an anticipated timeline for completion.

The timeline is subject to change.

Scarborough Gardens Arena is located near Birchmount Road and Hollis Avenue in Scarborough. It houses an indoor ice rink, mechanical and electrical rooms, change rooms, and office spaces.

The roof structure has reached the end of its lifespan and requires a full replacement. Future additional improvements, following roof replacement, are also being considered for the arena and include:

  • Upgrades to the mechanical and electrical systems
  • Upgrades to the refrigeration system
  • A new rink slab and associated dasher boards
  • Upgrades to the public washrooms and changing rooms
  • A new accessible elevator

The arena will remain closed until the new roof has been constructed.

December 21, 2020

After the need for structural repairs or replacement of the arena roof was identified in early 2020, Scarborough Gardens Arena was closed to the public.

A temporary shoring scaffolding system was installed at this location so that an engineering consultant could assess the roof structure’s condition and recommend options for repair or replacement.  The shoring remains in place to ensure the roof structure does not collapse and cause significant damage to the facility.

After a thorough review of the engineering consultant’s report and detailed costing of the various options, we have determined that a repair of the existing roof structure does not provide good value for investment as it will not significantly extend the structure’s lifespan.

For this reason, the City will proceed with the procurement of design services and construction tendering for replacement of the entire roof structure and roof cover.

The arena will remain closed for the duration of this work.

Direct communication with Scarborough Gardens Arena user groups will occur in early 2021 and an ice relocation plan will be developed to provide alternative locations for permit and city-run programming.

April 2020

A temporary reinforcement of roof structure was installed to further assess the roof structure’s condition and recommend options for repair or replacement.