Share your thoughts on the playground design and equipment options in an online survey available until June 26, 2024.

The City is improving the playground in Wychwood Barns Park. These improvements are part of an ongoing city-wide program to ensure playgrounds provide safe and accessible fun for many years to come!

  • Summer 2022: Hire design team
  • Fall 2022: Community engagement (online survey 1)
  • Spring 2024: Community engagement (online survey 2)
  • Summer to Fall 2023: Detailed design and hire a construction team
  • Fall 2024: Construction starts
  • Fall 2024/Spring 2025: Construction complete, playground reopens

The timeline is subject to change.

Online Survey

June 12 to June 26, 2024

Take the online survey to share your thoughts on the design and equipment options for the playground. The project team will use this community feedback to develop the final playground design.

The survey results will be shared on this page.

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November 2022

Online Survey

From November 9 to November 23, 2022, feedback on the existing playground and re-design options was collected in an online survey. The survey received a total of 193 complete responses.

The design team will use this feedback to develop two playground designs, which will replace the existing playground. The designs options will be available on this page in winter 2023.

Key Feedback Highlights
  • A majority of respondents (51 per cent) agreed that the layout of the existing playground features and equipment is well spaced
  • A majority of respondents (88 per cent) agreed that the existing playground does not have enough shade)
  • The preferred features at the existing playground were the swing set (66 per cent) and the medium size climbing structure (37 per cent)
  • The least preferred features at the existing playground were the stepping stools (10 per cent) and the talk tubes (one per cent)
  • The three most important features to include in the new playground are:
    • Junior play structure for ages two to five feature (60 per cent)
    • Climbing structures and nets (57 per cent)
    • Senior play structure for ages five to 12 (55 per cent)
  • The three least important features to include in the new playground are:
    • Teeter totters or see-saws (11 per cent)
    • Play panels (e.g. tick, tack, toe) (10 per cent)
    • Stepping stools/pods (six per cent)
  • For seating around the playground:
    • 28 per cent like benches
    • 26 per cent like tables with umbrellas
    • 24 per cent like seatwalls
    • 23 per cent like picnic tables
  • The preferred colour scheme for the new playground was bright colours, like yellow, orange, and purple (46 per cent)
  • Most (42 per cent) preferred wood chips as ground cover for the playground
  • Most (46 per cent) preferred trees for shade and some (32 per cent) preferred a gazebo/pavilion

Wychwood Barns Park Playground is located at 76 Wychwood Ave., southeast of Benson Avenue and Christie Street, just east of the Community Building.

The playground currently includes:

  • One swing sets with:
    • Two swings for ages two to five
    • Four swings for ages five and up
  • A medium-sized slide climbing structure and small slide
  • Two teeter-totters and stepping stools
  • Sand under all play areas

The playground will be redesigned using feedback from the community. The redesigned playground is proposed to include:

  • Playground equipment for ages two to five and five and up
  • Additional seating
  • Engineered wood fibre playground surfacing
  • Accessible play equipment and an accessible pathway connecting to the playground area. This means that people of all abilities will be able to play at this playground.

Improvements will only be made in the general playground area. This will not include any new water or lighting features or improvements to other areas of the park.