The small existing green space at 25 Oakcrest Ave., adjacent to Oakcrest Parkette, is being studied for improvement! The City is engaging the community to explore new programming opportunities for this small green space (1,000 m2).

Before the green space is designed, a feasibility study will take place to understand the site limitations, cost and budget requirements, to secure Council support of a proposed design and to advance a follow-up project to design and build the space.

  • Summer 2022: Preliminary community engagement
  • Fall 2022: Hire a consulting team
  • January to August 2023: Concept design development
  • June 2023: Follow-up community engagement

The timeline is subject to change and will be updated based on the outcomes of the community engagement process and available project budget.

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August 2022

Pop-Up Events

The project team hosted three on-site pop-up engagement events, one at  Beaches International Jazz Festival on July 24, 2022, one at East Lynn Farmer’s Market on July 28, 2022, and one at Bob Acton Park on August 17, 2022, to gather insight from community members on the Bob Acton park improvement options and new playground, as well as the new green space at 25 Oakcrest Avenue. The pop-up was promoted through paid social media ads to nearby residences, site signage, and on this page The main questions asked were, “What are your ideas for this new green space, and is there anything we need to consider regarding the site’s history and existing uses?”

The design team will use feedback collected at this event to develop concepts for the space, which will be shared with participants and neighbourhood residents for further feedback and refinement.

Key Feedback

Community members shared that they are excited about this new green space. The following is a summary of the most popular ideas within the project scope collected at the event.

  • Build community gardens and new planters that include native plants and pollinators
  • Create proper barriers and/or privacy screens/buffers between the new green space and neighbouring home(s), including private backyards
  • Create a space that considers the wildlife that live in the existing trees and greenery
  • Consider how the new green space connects with Oakcrest Park to the north
  • Consider what kinds of winter programming can be planned for the space
  • Consider proper safety precautions to protect users of the space from busy adjacent roads such as Woodbine Avenue to the west
  • Provide plenty of seating including picnic tables and benches to allow for social activities like gathering and eating comfortably

Community Advisory Group (CAG)

To ensure the perspectives and needs of the residents living within the surrounding neighbourhood of the green space at 25 Oakcrest Avenue are reflected in the overall design, a Community Advisory Group (CAG) will be established to act as an advisory body through concept development process of the space. The CAG will be comprised of local residents who could provide unique perspectives based off years of experiences living within the neighbourhood. The CAG will meet in each phase of the project to review key project elements.

In this phase of the community engagement process, the project team will present and gather feedback on the concept designs for the green space. A preferred concept will be presented to the community for feedback and revisions. Once the concept is finalized, it will be used to secure Council support for the proposal and develop a follow-up project to build-out the green space.


  1. Present and collect feedback on proposed design concepts.
  2. Use the public feedback to develop a final preferred design proposal
  3. Share the preferred concept online; and.
  4. Set the follow-up direction for future implementation project(s).

The property at 25 Oakcrest Ave. was originally acquired by the City for the Scarborough Transit Corridor and is now being considered for redevelopment as parkland. Located at the end of Oakcrest Avenue, the 1046 m2 property would integrate the existing staircase to Woodbine Avenue and would complement the existing Oakcrest Parkette to the north, providing additional green space to neighbouring communities.

While the site provides a great opportunity to expand and connect the neighbourhood’s park system, certain characteristics of the property limit how it can be used. Toronto Water requires access to an underground storm sewer that runs below the site, which limits the structures and plantings the park can support. The slope of the site also presents programming challenges, with the area beside Woodbine Avenue being too steep and unsuitable for public access. As a result, amenities such as a community garden, playground or splash pad are not feasible at this location.

As an alternative, City staff plan to explore a combination of seating, a pathway connecting to Oakcrest Parkette, and/or a pollinator garden as possibilities for the space. These features would provide visitors with a peaceful place to rest and support the local ecosystem. Fencing would be installed along the top of the steeply-sloped area to ensure public safety.

The design concepts for the space will be developed with the help of community feedback during the community engagement process.