The City has completed the design of the new park in Lawrence Heights as part of the Lawrence-Allen redevelopment project. The yet-to-be-named park will include a playground, walkways and planting. In addition, it is anticipated that public art will be incorporated into the development of the park.

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  • 2023 to 2024: Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) site servicing and base park requirements
  • Fall 2024: Finalize contract documents and land transfer to the City
  • Spring 2025: Hire a construction team
  • Summer 2025: Construction starts
  • Fall 2025: Construction complete, park opens

This timeline is subject to change.

June 5, 2023

The detailed design is completed. The future park site is not yet owned by the City and the developer is expected to deliver the base park condition (i.e. grass, water and sewer services) to the City by late 2024, weather permitting. Park construction is anticipated to start in spring 2025 and be completed by fall 2025, weather permitting.

May 6, 2021

The detailed design for the new park is nearly completed. The park site work cannot start until the adjacent roads and servicing to the park are complete. The timing for the park tender and construction is dependent on Toronto Community Housing Corporation’s (TCHC) timing on the development adjacent to the park.

January 2020

Public Meeting

On January 22, 2020, the project team presented the general park plan and playground. Priorities included swings, slides, separate junior and senior structures and seating throughout the park.

April 2019

Public Meeting

On April 24, 2019, the project team presented at a community meeting for the Public Art Plan. Approximately 45 community members attended the event, which included a brief presentation and activity. The preferred park features were seating areas, plantings and walkways.

April 2019

Public Meeting

On April 10, 2029, a public meeting took place at St. Margaret’s School (Beatrice Campus) that included a presentation, interactive activities and a question-and-answer session. Approximately 15 community members attended. The project team received feedback on the priorities for park features like seating areas, plantings, playground(s) and public art.

March 2019

Public Meeting

On March 20, 2029, a public meeting took place at Lawrence Heights Community Centre to introduce the project with a presentation, interactive activities and a question-and-answer session. Approximately 15 community members attended. The project team received feedback on the park principles, concepts and ways to engage the community going forward.

Download the Lawrence Heights Triangular Park Conceptual Plan.

The map shows an illustration of Triangular Park from an aerial view. The park is bordered by Green Gardens Boulevard, Lawrence Heights Way, Deep Roots Terrace and Hooyo Terrace. The concept map shows park entrances at all four corners of the park with pathways connecting the entrances at a central point in the park that includes a playground, seating and shade structure. The north east corner of the park features a garden with a garden wall, and the west side of the park features an open green space. Trees, shrubs and other plantings border the park on all sides.
Conceptual Plan of Lawrence Heights Triangular Park