A new park is coming to 114 Church St.!

Project Timeline

  • May 2021: Hire a design team
  • May to September 2021: Design development
  • September 2021 to Spring2022: Detailed design
  • Spring 2026: Hire a construction team
  • Summer 2026: Construction starts
  • Winter 2027: Construction complete, park opens

The timeline is subject to change.

As part of a new condominium development at 114 Church St., a new 198m2 municipal park will be created. The City is coordinating with the developer and their landscape architect on the design of the new park and the developer will be leading the construction.

As part of the development, a public art component will be integrated into the park design. Due to the small size of the park, the public art will be the central feature. The park will also include seating and a water fountain.

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