Phase 1 construction is complete and the park is open to the public. A secondary pathway and new plantings will be added in fall 2022.

A new 989.5m2 (0.09 Ha) park is being designed at 19 Glen Agar Dr. called Chimney Swift Park. The site is bordered by Glen Agar Drive to the west, existing residential single-family homes to the south, new single-family homes to the east and a new street to the north.

  • Summer 2021: Phase 1 construction (play equipment, pathway, shade structure)
  • Summer 2022: Phase 1 construction complete
  • Fall 2022: Phase 2 construction (secondary pathway, planting)
  • Spring 2023: Phase 2 construction complete

The timeline is subject to change.

Summer 2022

Phase 1 Complete

Phase 1 construction is complete and included the installation of a new playground, pathway and shade structure. Phase 2 is anticipated to start in fall 2022 and will include the addition of a secondary pathway and new plantings.

April 24, 2019

New Park Named

The site for the new park at 19 Glen Agar Dr. is officially named Chimney Swift Park on this date at Etobicoke York Community Council.

Chimney Swift Park includes separated playground spaces with swings in one play zone and a climbing structure with a spring toy in the other play zone.

A new pergola shade structure, pathways, landscape lighting, seat walls, park benches, landscape plantings of deciduous trees, coniferous trees, horticultural planting, and sod are also included in the park design.

Parks staff have been working closely with Glen Agar Neighbourhood Association (GARA), the local Councillor’s office and the developer to develop a concept plan for the new Chimney Swift Park.

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Image shows a plan view of the park which includes a diagonal concrete pathway, with play equipment on either side. The play equipment includes a swing set as well as a play structure and spring toy. The plan also includes a shade structure with bench seating, as well as a mix of trees, shrubs and perennials.
Detailed landscape plan for the new park.

The site is located on the east side of Glen Agar Drive northeast of Martin Grove Road and Rathburn Road. The new development is in the location of the former Kipling Grove Public School. The school had a large field with two baseball diamonds, a soccer field and a small playground. The site of the development backs onto Hydro corridor open space; however, the new park does not connect to the Hydro corridor.

The land is currently under private ownership and will be conveyed to the City as public parkland following the construction of the park and the development of the sub-division.