A new 570m2 park is coming to 77 Curlew Dr. as a result of a residential development project near Lawrence Avenue East and Victoria Park Avenue.

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The park will be developed in two stages. Stage 1 will focus on construction to establish the foundational “base park” that will transition the site from an active construction area to flat land with grass for future amenities. Stage 2 will focus on the design and construction of park features and amenities.

Timelines are subject to change.

Stage 1

  • Fall 2022: Preliminary community engagement
  • September 2024: Construction starts
  • November 2024: Construction complete, base park opens to the public

Stage 2

  • Spring 2026: Community engagement
  • Summer 2026: Design development
  • Fall 2026: Hire a construction team
  • Spring 2027: Construction starts, base park closes to the public
  • November 2027: Construction complete, park opens to the public

March 2024

Project Timeline Update

The project timeline was revised to include construction for the foundational “base park”, transitioning the site from an active construction area to flat land with grass for future amenities. In spring 2026, community engagement will take place to collect community feedback on the features and amenities in the proposed design. Visit the Project Timeline section for more information.

April 2023

Proposed Design Available

An aerial plan showing the proposed design for the new park at 71 Curlew Drive, with numbered labels showing the location of each proposed feature in yellow.

  1. Path
  2. Ornamental planting beds
  3. Concrete walkway
  4. Pergola
  5. Seating
  6. Trees
  7. Playground

October 2022

Online Survey

From September 28 to October 19, an online survey collected feedback on the proposed design for the new park.

Download the survey summary.