A new 6,500 m2 (about the size of two soccer fields) park is coming to Spadina Pier, located at 539 Queens Quay W. in the Bathurst Quay neighbourhood. The improvements are happening in two stages, which include an interim park with a range of public uses and programming (planned to open in 2025), followed by the development of a long-term plan for a permanent waterfront park.

  • Fall 2022: On-site technical and environmental due diligence work starts
  • Summer 2023: Spadina Pier parking garage permanently closes

Stage 1

  • Summer 2024 to Spring 2025:
    • Design development for ‘base park’ site refurbishment
    • Community and stakeholder engagement for interim park uses and programming
  • Summer 2025: Hire a construction team
  • Fall 2025: Construction starts for the interim park. Temporary detours and/or disruptions from construction will be communicated to Marina Quay West stakeholders in advance.
  • Spring 2026: Construction complete for the interim park

Stage 2

Stage 2 will start after the Stage 1 improvements are completed. Community engagement on user experience will continue to help inform the permanent park design.

Timelines are subject to change.

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September 2023

In-Person Pop-Up

On September 23, a pop-up event took place at Spadina Pier during Nuit Blanche to collect ideas on potential park uses and programming opportunities. Over 150 people of various ages and backgrounds participated. The project team shared information about the project and collected feedback.

Download the summary report.

Summer 2023

Parking Garage Closes

The below-grade parking lot at Spadina Pier is closed permanently. The Marina Quay West marina (managed by Harbourfront Centre) will continue to operate during project construction.

Fall 2022

Park Site Investigation Starts

Start of technical and environmental investigations to support the future park.

July 2022

City Council

On July 19, City Council provided direction to develop and implement a strategy to deliver park and public realm improvements at Spadina Pier.

The new park at Spadina Pier will be located at the southern terminus of Dan Leckie Way, which connects Toronto’s Inner Harbour with high-density downtown neighbourhoods. The opportunity for a park at Spadina Pier was identified in the 2017 City Council-approved Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood Plan (BQNP), with subsequent City Council direction in July 2022 to develop and implement a plan to deliver park and public realm improvements at the site. Implementation of the BQNP started in 2019 at the adjacent Canada Malting property.

The Spadina Pier improvements will be delivered in two stages.

Stage 1

Stage 1 includes the necessary site refurbishment to deliver a ‘base park’ with investments and upgrades that both enable interim public uses and programming and secures the site for a future permanent park. Community and stakeholder engagement will help determine a range of interim programming and uses.

Stage 1 improvements include:

  • Pedestrian-focused safety and security upgrades including re-grading and resurfacing, lighting, and new signage and wayfinding
  • Removal of the decommissioned parking access ramps and stairwells
  • Modular furniture, tables, planting beds and shade structures that can be re-configured throughout the site
  • Utility connections to support special event programming

Stage 2

Stage 2, which will start after the Stage 1 improvements, includes the development of a long-term plan for a permanent waterfront park. Community and stakeholder engagement will collect feedback on visitor experience at the interim ‘base park’ in order to help inform the permanent park design.

Site History

Built in the 1980s, Spadina Pier was originally constructed by a Federal government development corporation as a commercial parking operation and as a break wall for the Marina Quay West marina. The parking and marina have historically been operated by Harbourfront Centre. Ownership of the Spadina Pier property was transferred from the Federal government to the City of Toronto in the early 1990s, while ownership of the adjacent Portland Slip and Spadina Quay water lots were transferred to City ownership in 2018.