Read the Phase 1: Taking Stock research findings that will inform the development of the City’s Curling Strategy.

The City of Toronto is developing a Curling Strategy. The strategy will assess the supply of and demand for curling ice in Toronto and identify opportunities to increase public interest in and access to the sport.

Project Timeline

January to June 2020:

  • Assess supply of and demand for curling ice in Toronto
  • Identify gaps and opportunities.

April to September 2020:

  • Review existing City ice facilities, provision models for curling ice and sport development opportunities.
  • Develop cost estimates and funding options.

October to December 2020:

  • Final recommendations relating to facilities, financial models and programming.
  • Staff Report to Council.

As part of Toronto’s 20-year Facilities Master Plan (FMP), City staff reviewed the existing curling facilities across the city to determine the need for new or improved facilities. At the time the FMP was developed, Toronto’s supply of City-owned curling ice was in line with or better than other Greater Toronto Area and large Canadian cities.

Based on the supply of City-owned curling ice and the availability of additional privately-owned curling facilities, no additional facilities were recommended.

In October 2019, as part of the approval of the FMP Implementation Strategy, City Council directed staff to monitor and assess trends and participation in curling. Closures of three private curling facilities, two in Toronto’s west end, have altered the context of curling in the city.

City staff are in the process of developing a Curling Strategy to:

  • Assess the trends and participation in curling
  • Consider the current context of curling ice availability
  • Identify opportunities to increase public interest in and access to the sport

Toronto’s curling rinks are a mix of public and private facilities.

The City owns three curling facilities:

There are also several privately-owned and operated clubs in Toronto, many of which are combined with other activities such as tennis or golf. These clubs have varying membership models and many offer rental leagues as well as member leagues.

This is a map of Toronto, showing the location of city-owned and private curling facilities, and which ones are open and which ones have closed.
Curling locations and statuses. Enlarged image opens in a new window.
Curling Facilities included in the Facilities Master Plan, released in 2017, and their current status in 2020.
Name Address Status Number of Sheets
East York Curling Club 901 Cosburn Ave. City-owned 6
Leaside Curling Club 1075 Millwood Rd. City-owned 8
Tam Heather Curling and Tennis Club 730 Military Tr. City-owned 8
Donalda Curling Club 12 Bushbury Dr. Private 4
Granite Club 2350 Bayview Ave. Private 8
High Park Club 100 Indian Rd. Private 5
Royal Canadian Curling Club 131 Broadview Ave. Private 6
Toronto Cricket Skating and Curling Club 141 Wilson Ave. Private 6
St. George’s Golf and Country Club 1668 Islington Ave. Private – Closing in 2020 6
Scarboro Golf and Country Club 321 Scarborough Golf Club Rd. Private – Recently closed 6
Weston Golf and Country Club 50 St. Phillips Rd. Private – Recently closed 6

Curling Clubs Closed since 2017

The following private curling facilities have closed since the FMP was approved in 2017. The City will take into consideration the impact of these closures on the overall provision of curling ice in Toronto through the Curling Strategy.

Weston Golf and Country Club

  • 50 St Phillips Rd. Etobicoke
  • Private club, closed 2018

St. Georges Golf and Country Club

  • 1668 Islington Ave. Etobicoke
  • Private club, closing in 2020

Scarboro Golf and Country Club

  • 321 Scarborough Golf Club Rd. Scarborough
  • Private club, closed 2018

June 18, 2020

Stakeholder Meeting

The first Curling Strategy Stakeholder Reference Group was held online on June 18, 2020.  The purpose of this workshop was to review and confirm the results and findings of Phase 1: Taking Stock, research completed by the City to inform the future Curling Strategy. Prior to the meeting, stakeholders were provided the Phase 1 findings, in a PowerPoint format. Members were asked to review the findings and bring their questions of clarification and comments to the Stakeholder Meeting.

The Phase 1: Taking Stock presentation and findings were revised to reflect stakeholder feedback. Download the updated presentation and findings.

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