The Cabbagetown Southwest Heritage Conservation District Study was prioritized by City Council in March 2015. The study was recommended to provide an overall understanding of the area’s history and heritage character and to determine if designation as a heritage conservation district would be an appropriate heritage planning tool for the area.

The City Planning Division initiated the Cabbagetown Southwest Heritage Conservation District Study in Spring 2018 and retained a project team led by EVOQ Architecture (heritage architects) with Urban Strategies Inc. (planning consultants) and LURA (facilitators) to prepare the study report, which was endorsed by the Toronto Preservation Board in Spring 2019.

The Cabbagetown Southwest HCD Plan was initiated in Summer 2020, with the same project team preparing policy and guidelines recommendations and leading community consultation.

It is anticipated that the plan will be presented at the Toronto Preservation Board on December 7, 2023. Contact Clint Robertson for comments, questions, and feedback.

A final version of the plan can be found on the Toronto Preservation Board agenda 5 business days in advance of the December 7, 2023 meeting. Check the Toronto Preservation Board webpage to view the agenda and provide feedback.

If approved by the Toronto Preservation Board, the plan will be considered at the Toronto and East York Community Council and City Council early in 2024.

The Cabbagetown Southwest Heritage Conservation District Plan Area is generally bound by Sherbourne Street to the west, Carlton Street to the north, Parliament Street to the east and Dundas Street East to the south, with extensions on Seaton Street, Ontario Street and Berkeley Street.

This is a map of the Cabbagetown Southwest HCD Study Area boundary