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The Consumers Road Business Park and areas at the intersection of Sheppard Avenue East and Victoria Park Avenue provides a place of work to over 18,000 employees, and is one of Toronto’s most concentrated areas of office jobs.  The area is also the location of significant residential growth, with over 3,500 residential units approved, under construction, or occupied in the past ten years.  Meeting the needs of residents and workers requires investment and options for active transportation, public spaces and community services.

More office and residential growth is anticipated in the area.  To manage the growth, support employment uses, and to direct investments into broader community improvements, the City of Toronto is undertaking a study of the area called ConsumersNext. ConsumersNext will set out a new planning framework to support continued employment investment and intensification in the Consumers Road Business Park, residential uses, community facilities, a street and block plan, and public realm improvements to serve resident and working populations.

The ConsumersNext study area is almost 100 hectares in the areas of North York and Scarborough.

ConsumersNext Study Area. Eastern boundary - Victoria Park Avenue , Souther boundary - Highway 401, Western boundary - Highway 404, Northern boundary - Sheppard Avenue East.
ConsumersNext Study Area


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Phase 1

Understand Study Area and Establish Vision

May – October 2015

Phase 3

Finalize Design and Develop Plan

September 2016 – April 2017

Phase 2

Test and Confirm Ideas

October 2015 – September 2016

Phase 4


May 2017 onwards

Planning Study

The Planning Study component of ConsumersNext will develop a vision and planning framework for a complete community within the Study Area which supports both the active employment uses and increased residential uses in the area.  The Planning Study will integrate a built form, open space, and public realm framework with a multi-modal transportation network, and servicing strategies to serve the working and resident populations.  It will include a Transportation Master Plan and Master Servicing Plan (satisfying the requirements of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process)

The Planning study will form the basis for a Secondary Plan and Urban Design Guidelines for the Study Area.

Economic Potential Study

The Economic Potential Study component of ConsumersNext will recommend strategies, tactics, incentives and amenities to attract and retain businesses within the area and to identify what actions and policies recommended for the Consumers Road Business Park may be transferable to other office-based Employment Districts in Toronto.

Community Services and Facilities Study

The Community Services and Facilities (CS&F) Strategy for ConsumersNext will evaluate the existing capacity and gaps in community services and facilities for the area bounded by Finch Avenue East, Warden Avenue, Highway 401 and Don Mills Road.   The CS&F Strategy has a larger area than the ConsumersNext Core Study Area to reflect the service boundaries of City facilities (such as Libraries or Recreation Centres) and community agencies (such as non-profits serving local community needs).

In conjunction with the area planning study, the CS&F Strategy will assess projected growth and change in the ConsumersNext planning area, and identify priorities and implementation tools to help meet current and future social infrastructure needs.