The Golden Mile area currently consists of large-format retail buildings and surface parking with low-rise commercial and industrial buildings to the north and south of Eglinton Avenue East.

The Study included:

  • a vision and planning framework for the Golden Mile;
  • additional policies to the City’s Official Plan;
  • Urban Design Guidelines;
  • a Transportation Master Plan;
  • a Master Servicing Plan;
  • a Community Infrastructure Strategy;
  • a Parks and Open Space Strategy, and
  • built form, streetscape, pedestrian, cycling and public art strategies.

The study area is generally bounded by Victoria Park Avenue to the west, Ashtonbee Road/Hydro Corridor to the north, Birchmount Road to the east, and an irregular boundary to the south. The study area is approximately 113 hectares (280 acres) in size.

Map showing boundaries of the Golden Mile Secondary Plan Study area
Map showing boundaries of the Golden Mile Secondary Plan Study area

The Golden Mile Secondary Plan Study consisted of three phases and is complete.


Phase 1:
May – Dec 2017
  • Background
  • Analysis
  • Community Consultation
  • Visioning
Phase 2:
Jan – Aug 2018
  • Design Analysis
  • Testing of Alternatives
  • Community Consultation
Phase 3:
Sept 2018 – Early 2019
  • Final Design and Plan Development
  • Design Review Panel
  • Community Consultation
  • Final Consultant Report
  • Final City Staff Report
  • Statutory Public Meeting – Scarborough Community Council
  • City Council (early 2019)

As recommended in the Eglinton Connects Planning Study, City Planning staff have initiated a Secondary Plan Study for the Golden Mile area.

The Golden Mile Secondary Plan Study will facilitate and support appropriate residential and non-residential growth within the Mixed Use Areas designation, while protecting and encouraging new employment and office development and investment within the Employment Areas designation.

The study will also:

  • review the potential of the area comprised wholly of an Apartment Neighbourhoods designation;
  • address the potential issue of land use compatibility and the addition of amenities throughout the area to create an attractive environment and complete community for the existing and future working and resident populations; and
  • examine the lands designated Parks and Other Open Space Areas and identify any future parks needs.

To assist with the study, the City has hired the consulting firm of SvN Architects + Planners, Inc. who are leading a team of professionals in land use planning, urban design, transportation, servicing, community services and public engagement.