The next community consultation meeting is anticipated for early 2019

Community Consultation Meeting 3 was hosted by the City on June 26, 2018. Approximately 60 members of the public attended the meeting.

Meeting Summary



The Visioning Workshop was the second community meeting for the study.  In this workshop, participants were provided a summary of the background research, key messages from consultation to date, draft opportunities for the area, and draft guiding principles for planning the future.

Participants and the study team worked in groups to provide feedback on the draft principles and opportunities and began to formulate a vision for the future of the Golden Mile.

Participants included residents, business owners, landowners and City Planning staff who worked together to develop a plan to help shape the Golden Mile as a new community. Participants helped to determine:

  • what building types and sizes would be in the Golden Mile
  • where people will live and work
  • where new streets will be located and how they will function
  • where parks and public spaces will be located
  • what community services are needed and where
  • what community features are needed for the Golden Mile

Visioning Workshop Summary

Visioning Workshop Presentation

The Renew Golden Mile engagement process includes a Local Advisory Committee (LAC), a forum for discussion of approaches, concepts, and alternatives as part of the study.

Meeting Summary

LAC Terms of Reference

On September 25, 2017, City staff and consultants hosted a Moving Conversation Walking Tour, which was also attended by members of the LAC.

The purpose of walking tour was to use the local environment to engage attendees in a discussion about the existing conditions and potential opportunities within the Golden Mile Secondary Plan Study area.

Meeting Summary

During summer 2017, the Study Team hosted a series of pop up events in and around the Golden Mile to share information, answer questions, and learn about what residents, business owners, employees, and others thought was working well and what could be improved in the study area.


Community Consultation Meeting 1 was hosted by the City of Toronto on June 28, 2017. This kick-off/study launch meeting was attended by approximately 140 people.


Meeting Summary