The purpose of St. James Town Connects is to provide a plan and strategic directions to improve open spaces in the St. James Town neighbourhood by creating more usable, safer and better defined open spaces and pedestrian connections. St. James Town Connects has built on concepts and directions from other studies and previous consultations to help identify and refine the community’s priorities. The objective of St. James Town Connects is to develop new short-term and long-term priorities that can be implemented in consultation with residents and community partners.

Through consultation with the residents of St. James Town, City and commenting partners and key stakeholders, the following projects have been identified as priorities in St. James Town. City Staff will be reporting to Community Council to set out key directions for these priority projects:

map of the St. James Town Connects key projects

The Community Improvement Plan (CIP) is a tool that can be used to help implement key projects in the area.  The CIP Area includes all properties within the area bounded by Bloor Street East to the north, Parliament Street to the east, Wellesley Street East to the south and Sherbourne Street to the west.

A CIP must be approved by By-law by City Council. Staff will be providing an status update to Council on the CIP process in the coming weeks.

map showing area: sherbourne st to wllesley st. e. to parliment st. to bloor st. e.