The Vehicles-for-Hire Bylaw regulates the failure of a driver to display an identifier, install snow tires on the date required, pick-up at a cabstand or hail from the street, and carry driver identification.

To report an issue, contact 311. Customer service complaints, including driver behaviour or fares, must be made directly to the Private Transportation Company.

When you are requesting a Private Transportation Company (PTC) ride, remember:

  • All PTC rides must be booked through an app. Only taxis are permitted to pick up passengers from the street and from designated taxi stands.
  • Check that the photo of the driver on the app matches the driver in the vehicle and the licence plate on the app matches the licence plate on the vehicle.
  • PTCs can increase rates and charge surge prices. You must agree to the price before beginning your trip.
  • All PTCs must display the company identifying sign in their rear window.
  • Be sure to check for cyclists when entering or exiting a vehicle.
  • All PTC drivers must meet the City’s standards for criminal background and driving history checks.
  • PTC vehicles must be equipped with snow tires or all-weather tires from December 1 to April 30.
  • The current minimum years of required driving experience for drivers is three years.
  • All drivers need to successfully complete a City-approved training program. The new training requirement aims to improve driver awareness and enhance public safety.
  • Drivers are also required to:
    • attach “Watch for Bike” notices to vehicles
    • securely mount all handheld devices to vehicle
    • display notices in vehicles if a camera is being used to record passengers.