Due to a high demand for appointments, we are not accepting new applications for SNYP services at this time. Continue to check www.toronto.ca/snyptruck for information and updates.

If you have submitted a request for service prior to March 20th 2024, we will contact you once we have processed your application. This will take approximately 8 weeks. If you have male and female pets in the same residence and your pet is at risk for pregnancy, email us at spayneuter@toronto.ca or call us at 416-338-6281. This phone line is monitored Monday to Friday 11:00AM to 4:00PM, excluding statutory holidays.


The Toronto Animal Services SNYP Mobile Clinic provides spay/neuter services for cat and dog owners in low-income households, who may not be able to afford traditional veterinarians. Residents who provide proof of household income less than $50,000 will qualify for subsidized or waived fees.

You must have current City of Toronto dog or cat licence to use the SNYP Truck services. For information on pet licensing, visit www.toronto.ca/pet-licensing.

Read the post-operative instructions for spay or neuter surgery. If you have questions regarding post op care for a pet that has been recently spayed or neutered through our program, email us at spayneuter@toronto.ca

For our Trap, Neuter, Return Program (TNR) for Feral Cats, visit www.toronto.ca/trap-neuter-return.

Spay/neuter Fees

  • Male cat: $56.50
  • Female cat: $79.10
  • Male dog: $90.40
  • Female dog: $146.90

Key Considerations

  • It is unsafe for dogs larger than 30 lbs. to be spayed or neutered on the SNYP Truck as there is not enough room to move a large dog under anesthetic. If you need assistance with a dog larger than 30 lbs. we will try to accommodate the dog at our stationary clinics or refer them to another clinic.
  • The SNYP Truck does not have an indoor waiting area for owners and pets.
  • We do not sterilize purebred or exotic breeds due to additional medical precautions which may be needed.
  • Pets should be 5 months to 5 years of age to be considered for surgery at the SNYP truck.
  • In the winter , clients who don’t have transportation to and from the SNYP Truck may only book small dogs or cats that can be carried by owners or in a carrier. The animal needs to be kept warm after surgery, so it is not advisable to walk home.
  • Clinics are subject to weather conditions. If you have an appointment booked and a clinic is cancelled due to weather, you will receive a call the morning of the appointment.