If wildlife deterrents have not resolved your issues, property owners can trap wildlife using a humane trap or can hire a wildlife agent to remove the animal.

The Province of Ontario has regulations in place for the removal of wildlife. The property owner or wildlife agent must:

  • abide by all municipal bylaws and other applicable laws
  • not harass or capture more wildlife than is necessary to protect your property
  • deal humanely with wildlife that is captured or harassed
  • restrict activity to your property
  • not destroy the den of a furbearing mammal without approval from MNRF (Requirement for approval does not apply to fox or skunk dens)
  • release captured live wildlife within 24 hours
  • release captured live wildlife within 1 kilometre of where they were captured
  • release wildlife on private property only with the landowner’s permission

More information can be found on the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry’s website.