Before-after school programs provide support to families with children in Kindergarten to Grade 6 by offering supervised activities that support the interests, skills and abilities of a school age child.

Programs are located in schools and community locations and generally operate five days a week, for a few hours before school starts in the morning and/or after school ends in the afternoon. Some also operate on professional activity days and school breaks.

Types of Before-After School Programs

  • Licensed child care programs
  • Extended Day Programs (EDP) operated by school boards
  • Authorized recreation programs (including After-School Recreation Care)

Help with the Cost of a Before-After School Program

A Child Care Fee Subsidy may be available to help with the cost of licensed child care programs and Extended Day Programs. A fee subsidy cannot be used at an authorized recreation program, however, these programs are offered at low or no cost to families.


In the middle childhood years children develop important cognitive and social skills that help them transition from childhood into adolescence. While school age children spend most of their day in class, the before and after school hours are a time when many Toronto families need support to ensure their children are safe and engaged.

The Middle Childhood Strategy is a City report that provides action steps for building a system of quality before-after school programs. Toronto’s School-Age Quality Standards Inventory and Support Guide have been developed for before-after school programs.