The City operates high-quality, safe after-school recreation care for children ages 6-12 years old. The After-School Recreation Care (ARC) program offers participants activities including Sports, Outdoor Play, Special Events, Creative Activities and Homework Help.

The Community Leadership After-School Program is designed to enhance life skills for youth 10-15 years old by promoting physical literacy, health and wellness, and community involvement through leadership workshops.

Registration for the September to June school year begins in June every year.

Register for all three sessions in order to guarantee a spot for the entire school year.

Registration dates and information can be found at How to Register for Recreation Programs.

September 4, 2018 – June 21, 2019

Registration based on five days per week: $2.60 per day for Fall 2018 and $2.66 per day for Winter and Spring 2019.

Fee Subsidy

The City of Toronto’s Welcome Policy offers financial subsidy for people with low incomes.

Session Amount Due Method of Payment
(Sep 4 – Dec 21, 2018)
$195.00 Upon Registration Payment by telephone, online or at a Customer Service location.
(Jan 7 – Mar 8, 2019)
$111.72 October 15, 2018 Payment online or at a Customer Service location received prior to the due date.
(Mar 18 – Jun 21, 2019)
$175.56 February 15, 2019 Payment online or at a Customer Service location received prior to the due date.
Total amount for the year: $482.28. The scheduled payment option is only available through telephone assisted or in person methods through a Customer Service Representative. This process is no longer automated and requires both staff and client follow up prior to the payment due date.

Etobicoke York District

North York District

Scarborough District

Toronto/ East York and West Toronto/York District

Children and youth with disabilities can participate in After-School Recreation Care program based on ability and facility access.

Please register at desired location and contact staff at 416-338-1351 or send an email to ARCA&

Etobicoke York District

Chalkfarm CC (Jane/Wilson, 180 Chalkfarm Dr.)

North York District

Toronto/East York and West Toronto/York District


Everything you need to know about ARC and CLASP in an easy-to-print document!