Registration for the 2021/2022 school season has started.

The City operates high-quality, safe after-school recreation care for children ages six to 12 years old. The After-School Recreation Care (ARC) program offers participants activities including sports, outdoor play, special events, creative activities, and homework help.

The Community Leadership After-School Program is designed to enhance life skills for youth 10 to 15 years old by promoting physical literacy, health and wellness, and community involvement through leadership workshops.

To help reduce the spread of COVID-19, ARC and CLASP programs will meet health guidelines designed in consultation with Toronto Public Health and in alignment with provincial health guidelines for daycare centres.

  • For most rooms, a ratio of two staff for fifteen children per room
  • For smaller rooms, a ratio of one staff to seven children per room
  • Each group will stay together for the entire week, and not interact with other participants
  • Rooms will be cleaned more frequently
  • Door handles and counters will be given special attention during cleaning
  • Shared spaces and common areas like gyms and washrooms will be cleaned every three hours

The following programs will not be offered:

  • Mimico Library ARC
  • Gracedale ARC
  • Glenlong CLASP
  • Terry Fox CLASP

A program will need to have a minimum of 15 participants registered in a program to operate. After registration, the City will review and contact families if the program is not operating.

Masks/Face Coverings

Participants of all ages will be asked to wear a mask while at after-school programs. Please ensure that your child packs one or two extra masks. If a child forgets their mask parents will be called to pick the child up.

Travel to Community Centres from School

Programs at community centres will walk children from schools to program locations but will need to limit the number of children for physical distancing and so staff can ensure the safety of all children/participants.

Busses may be accepted at select community centre locations. It will be up to the caregiver to arrange drop-offs with the bus company.

Symptoms of COVID-19 While at ARC Programs

Caregivers must give up-to-date phone numbers and emergency contacts.

If a participant has any symptoms of COVID-19, the parent

  1. will be called to pick up their child within one hour
  2. have them tested for COVID-19
  3. may return the participant to the program once a negative test result is shown

In the case of a positive test, the participant must stay home for 14 days and must be symptom-free for 24 hours.


Children will be signed in and out of the program each day to assist with Toronto Public Health contact tracing.

When parents arrive to pick up their child at a community centre they will need to also sign and do a COVID-19 health screening at the front door.


  • Each participant must agree to a code of conduct which will include:
    • physical distancing
    • respiratory etiquette
    • frequent handwashing
  • Games and activities will maintain physical distance between participants.
  • Each participant will have their own supplies for all activities to eliminate the sharing of equipment.
  • There will be more outdoor play this school year. Please dress participants appropriately for the weather
  • Snack will be pre-packaged single-servings

Adapted and Inclusive Recreation

Children and youth with disabilities can participate in the After-School Recreation Care program based on ability and facility access.

Register at the desired location and contact staff at 416-338-1351.

The exact registration date can be found on How to Register for Recreation Programs.

Register for the two sessions in order to guarantee a spot for the entire school year.

September 9, 2021 – June 17, 2022

Registration based on five days per week: $2.83 per day for Fall 2021 and $2.88 per day for Winter/Spring 2022.

Fee Subsidy

The City of Toronto’s Welcome Policy offers a financial subsidy for people with low incomes.

Session Amount
(September 9 – December 17, 2021)
(January 3 – June 17, 2022)
The total amount for the year: $517.63.

The scheduled payment option is only available through telephone assisted or in-person methods through a Client Service Representative. This process is no longer automated and requires both staff and client follow-up prior to the payment due date.

Etobicoke York District

North York District

Scarborough District

Toronto/East York District

Children and youth with disabilities can participate in After-School Recreation Care program based on ability and facility access.

Please register at the desired location and contact staff at 416-338-1351.

Etobicoke York District

Chalkfarm Community Centre (Jane/Wilson, 180 Chalkfarm Dr.)

North York District

Toronto/East York


Everything you need to know about ARC and CLASP in an easy-to-print document!