The Kit

Having the materials available for your 10 to 14 year old when they are home alone can go a long way to helping them feel confident about their ability to handle things. Put together a kit of items ahead of time. Below are some items to consider having in your family’s kit.

  • List of emergency phone numbers
  • Key chain to clip house key (to carry out of sight)
  • Extra house key
  • Small change purse with several quarters or a calling card and a few dollars at home for appropriate situations requiring money
  • Flashlight, extra batteries and a portable charger
  • A first aid kit (remember to take a first aid and CPR course)
  • The At Home Alone Family Handbook and a pen/pencil

Other items to consider having in your home:

  • Answering machine or call display
  • Cell/smart phone
  • Home security system

First Aid and CPR

  • It is important that the 10 to 14 year old, and their parent/caregiver, complete a course on CPR and Basic First Aid before being left at home alone.
  • Courses are continually being offered across the city by the Canadian Red Cross, Toronto Paramedic Services, St. John’s Ambulance and other organizations. For more information on dates and locations and to register, please visit their respective websites.
  • It is important to review basic first aid and replenish the contents of the kit.

The Calendar

Writing things down helps us to remember them. The use of a calendar may help you to organize your thoughts and your time. Important information can change from day to day. By taking five minutes every evening to complete the calendar, families get a chance to communicate and update each other on their daily events.

Download the Weekly Calendar

Before writing on this calendar, make a few copies so you can use a different one every week.