The Kit

Having the materials needed to respond to “home alone” situations can go a long way to helping the 10 to 14 year old feel confident about his or her ability to handle things. Put together a “kit” of essential items ahead of time.

Download a copy of theĀ Essential Items Checklist

Healthy snacking

In order to avoid conflicts when it comes to after school snacks, it is important to agree on a few nutritious snack options.

  • Snacks should not take longer to make than to eat (except, of course baked goods that can be made ahead in batches and stored).
  • Stock up on basic ingredients that can be easily combined to make a satisfying and nutritious snack.
  • Be sure to include instructions on how to properly handle food, safety in the kitchen, and cleaning up when discussing snack preparation.

The calendar

Writing things down helps us to remember them. The use of a calendar may help you to organize your thoughts and your time. Important information can change from day to day. By taking five minutes every evening to complete the calendar, families get a chance to communicate and update each other on their daily events.

Download a copy of theĀ Weekly Calendar

Before writing on this calendar, make a few copies so you can use a different one every week.