As of April 1, 2022, Toronto Public Health will no longer provide Preschool Speech and Language, Blind-Low Vision and Infant Hearing Programs. These programs will move from Early Abilities at Toronto Public Health to Surrey Place. Until then, all services will continue to be delivered through the current Preschool-Speech and Language, Infant Hearing and Blind-Low Vision provider sites.

Our children begin communicating at an early age. They learn to use their vision, hearing and speech skills to help them get attention, protest, request, comment, ask and answer questions.

When one or more of these skills are delayed or impaired, don’t wait and see. We are here to help.



Preschool Speech & Language Program

A community partnership designed to deliver speech and language services for infants, toddlers and preschool children in the city of Toronto.

Blind-Low Vision Early Intervention Program

A community partnership designed to provide services to children (0 to six) diagnosed with low vision or blindness by an ophthalmologist.

Infant Hearing Program

A community partnership designed to identify infants born deaf or hard of hearing, and children (0 to six) who may get permanent hearing loss.