As of April 1, 2022, Toronto Public Health no longer provides Preschool Speech & Language, Blind-Low Vision and Infant Hearing programs. These programs have moved to Surrey Place. To make a referral or for more information, please contact Surrey Place at 416-925-5141. Learn more about this change.

Make sure to have your children’s eyes checked. Healthy eyes and vision are important for how infants and children play and learn.


Vision is important to a child’s overall development. In fact, 85% of what we learn is through our vision. Although babies can open their eyes and respond to light by blinking while they are still in the womb, when babies are born, their vision is not yet fully developed. Your baby’s vision continues to develop as they grow.

Because vision is so important to a child’s development, it’s important to have your children’s eyes checked by a health care professional to make sure their visual development is on track and to find ways to help if they have any vision challenges. It is important to discover any difficulties with vision early so that babies receive help to support their growth and development.

Have Your Child’s Vision Checked

The Ontario Optometrist’s Association recommends children’s eyes be tested:

  • At six months of age
  • At two to three years old
  • Every year for children age four and older

Yearly eye exams are covered by OHIP for children from birth to 19 years old. Contact an Optometrist for more information about having your child’s vision tested.

Developmental Milestones

Information about early vision development and when to talk to a health care professional about your child,

Help Your Child Now

Information and strategies that can be used with your child who has or is suspected of having a visual impairment.

For more information about your child’s development or behaviour call a Public Health Nurse at 416-338-7600 or eChat live.