During COVID-19, there may be longer than normal delays in processing your child’s registration. All face-to-face sessions have been suspended until further notice. Services are continuing virtually wherever possible.

Register for a speech and language assessment for your child. This program is fully funded by the Province of Ontario. It does not cost money for families and does not require OHIP.


Welcome to the Preschool Speech and Language Program!

Your child’s speech, language and social skills are important for building relationships, learning, and maintaining overall health. Problems with communication development in preschool children are surprisingly common: one in 10 preschool children will experience a speech and/or language delay.

The main goal of the Preschool Speech and Language Program is to ensure that every child in Toronto achieves their optimal communication development.

What the Program Offers


A Speech-Language Pathologist will evaluate your child’s speech, language and overall communication development to identify if a delay is present and set goals for therapy.

Parent/Caregiver Training

Your child’s first and best teacher is you! Workshops led by Preschool Speech and Language Program staff will provide you with strategies that can be used in everyday situations.

Direct Treatment/Intervention

Your child may benefit from practice at home, individual therapy and/or group therapy. Whenever possible, your child will be matched with other children who have similar goals.

Transition to School

With your permission, the Preschool Speech and Language Program will share information about your child’s goals and ongoing needs with your child’s teacher, when they start school.

Who Can Receive These Services

The Preschool Speech and Language Program services are available to families who:

  • live in Toronto (postal code beginning with “M” – e.g., M3B XXX)
  • have preschool-aged children (from birth until August 31st of the year they are eligible for full-day kindergarten)
  • have concerns about their child’s speech and/or language development

If your child is attending school, speak to your child’s teacher or the school principal about any speech and language concerns you have. There are speech-language pathologists who consult with TDSB and TCDSB schools.