Register for a speech and language assessment for your child. OHIP is not required.


Preschool Speech and Language Program provides help for children with speech and language concerns at no cost. Our services are available to children from birth to when they start junior kindergarten (JK).

We work with parents and caregivers to improve children’s communication skills. Our main goal is to help every child be the best communicator they can be.

Who Can Receive These Services?

  • Live in the City of Toronto with postal codes starting with the “M” only (example: M3B XXX)
  • Families of children from birth up to August 31 of the year they are eligible to enter Junior Kindergarten
  • All families who are concerned about their child’s speech and/or language development
  • If your child is attending school and needs a speech and language assessment, you should speak to your child’s teacher or the school principal. There are speech language pathologists who consult with TDSB and TCDSB schools.

Services Offered

  • Assessment of all communication skills from birth to JK entry
  • Consultation with parents, caregivers, licensed childcare and other professionals
  • Monitoring emerging skills
  • Home programs for caregivers
  • Parent and caregiver education with training and coaching classes in the community
  • Small group therapy with children and parents
  • Individual therapy with child and parents
  • Supported transition to school