A number of resources and community programs are available to help you monitor and encourage your child’s speech and language development and support your parenting journey.

Language Development & Milestones

Monitor your child’s speech and language development, using our online checklist. Milestones are grouped by age level.

A list of speech and language development milestones for children from birth to age five.

A list of warning signs that may indicate a speech and language assessment is needed. Red flags are sorted based on the child’s age level.

Information about language development (birth to five years) and videos with tips for building your child’s speech and language skills.

Parenting Support

Helpful topics and resources for families, including information about Dental and Oral Health, Feeding Your Child, Positive Discipline and Child Safety.

Credible information from registered health professionals with tips for new or expecting parents. Blog topics include infant and parent health, nutrition and communication development.

A resource booklet with information and suggested activities to build strong relationships and support your child’s development.

Community Programs & Activities

Fun, free programs for children up to the age of six. Each centre hosts a variety of in person and virtual play, social and literacy-based activities.

Information on child care services, recreation programs, camps, after school care and services for children with extra support needs.

Free, early literacy and child development programs for families and caregivers with young children up to six years old.

An online community dedicated to lifelong learning and support for people who have an intellectual disability, their families and support networks. Includes resources and information for parents and caregivers, including a tool to create visual supports for communication at home.

COVID-19 Resources

A number of resources are available to support you and your family throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit the COVID-19 page for general information on COVID-19, public health advice, mental health resources and financial/social supports. Advice is also available for individuals with specific needs.

Toronto Public Health’s Pregnancy to Parenting Blog provides additional information on:

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