The City undertakes an Expression of Interest (EOI) process to select an operator for a newly built or renovated child care centre or an EarlyON Child and Family Centre. We look for not-for-profit organizations who are committed to providing accessible, equitable, high quality services that welcome all families and are responsive to local community needs.

Currently there are no active EOI’s to operate a child care centre and the EOI’s for EarlyON Child and Family Centres are postponed.

The following list shows completed and upcoming EOIs.

Name Address Expression of Interest deadline Expected opening date Infant spaces Toddler spaces Preschool spaces Selected operator
Avani – Metrogate 275 Village Green Sq Completed 2020 10 20 32 Golf Road School Child Care Centre
Mothercraft Midtown Centre For Early Development 45 Dunfield Ave Completed April 2020 10 10 32 Mothercraft
Avondale 175 Avondale Completed 2019 10 30 32 Mothercraft
Canoe Landing 20 Brunel Court Completed 2019 10 10 32 St. Stephen’s Community House
Sheppard Centre 30 Sheppard Ave East Completed 2019 10 20 32 St. Stephens
Advent 555 Finch Ave W Completed 2018 10 15 24 Northview Heights
Bendale Acres 2020 Lawrence Ave E Completed 2018 10 15 24 Network Child Care
Lansing 49 Bogert Ave Completed Centre Opened 2018 10 20 32 Network Child Care
Name Expression of Interest deadline Expected opening date Selected operator
Additional EarlyON Program Funding for Toronto Danforth postponed TBD Not yet available
Additional EarlyON Program Funding for Spadina-Fort York postponed TBD Not yet available
Indigenous EarlyON Child and Family Centre Completed October 1, 2019 ENAGB
Centre in northwest Toronto Completed January 1, 2019 Braeburn Neighbourhood Place
Centre in northeast Toronto Completed January 1, 2019 Agincourt Community Services Association (ACSA)
LGBTQ2S mobile program Completed January 1, 2019 The 519

The Expression of Interest process consists of three stages.

Stage 1: Organizations must submit their complete EOI packages by the deadline

Stage 2: The City will evaluate the submitted EOI package for completeness and will be scored on their submission.

Stage 3: Organizations that are successful in Stage 2 will be invited to a Review Panel Interview.

Transparency, Fairness, Accessibility, Equity, High-Quality

The City is committed to a transparent and fair EOI process.

All EOI submissions will be evaluated based on an organization’s proven ability to provide accessible, equitable and high-quality services to Toronto families and children.

  1. A brief overview of the history and mandate of the organization
  2. Copy of the Articles of Incorporation/Letters Patent
  3. Declaration of Not-for-Profit Compliance with seal/notarized (Public Institutions will submit documentation to support the public institution status)
  4. List of Current Board of Directors with Contact Information and a letter stating that their application is approved by the Board
  5. Agency by-laws
  6. Audited Financial Statement for the most recent fiscal year end and copy of any Management Letter issued by the auditor
  7. Annual General Meeting Minutes for the past fiscal year