Exterior of two storey building at 101 Placer Court
The property at 101 Placer Crt. has been purchased by the City of Toronto and will be re-purposed into a municipal shelter.

Location: 101 Placer Crt.
Tentative client group: All gender
Number of expected beds: Up to 87
Opening date: Q4 2021
Service operator: Homes First

This new shelter is expected to be open by late 2021 with up to 88 beds. The shelter is expected be operated by Homes First. Additional updates about renovations and service programming will be provided when available.

Community Engagement

A community engagement plan will be developed for this site and will include a number of activities, including opportunities to speak to staff and to get involved with integrating the new service into the community.

Learn more about our approach to working with the community.

Please email ssha.homeless@toronto.ca to express your interest in joining the electronic mailing list for updates regarding 101 Placer Crt.