The City provides many workshops and training programs that are available to all Toronto residents.

People who receive Ontario Works can access additional training programs.

Employment-Related Workshops

Learn about and self-register for Employment-related workshops offered by Employment & Social Services across the city.

First Aid Training

If you saw someone suffering a sudden cardiac arrest, would you know what to do?

Learning first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED) will give you the skills you need to help a paramedic save a life in a medical emergency.

Register for first aid training.

Food Handler Training

Toronto Public Health offers Food Handler Certification Courses to provide food handlers with the knowledge of safe food handling practices to prevent food-borne illness.

Learn more about food handler training.

Leadership & Employment Readiness

The City of Toronto offers many leadership and certification programs in First Aid, Aquatics, Sports and Camps .

Small Business Training

The City provides numerous learning opportunities for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Learn about training to grow your business.


People on Ontario Works benefits may qualify to take a variety of training programs.

Talk to your caseworker if you are interested in being referred to one of these programs.

The Frontline Workers’ Training Series provides workshops, toolkits and short videos for City and community-based frontline workers on a range of topics designed to increase the capacity of workers to provide impactful services for MVP youth (youth most vulnerable to involvement in violence and crime).

The workshops are coordinated by the City’s Toronto Youth Equity Strategy (TYES), and delivered in partnership with community agencies.

Workshops that were offered previously and will be delivered again include:

  • Youth Mental Health
  • Outreach with MVP Youth
  • Vicarious Trauma and Self-Care

Workshop Registration

Workshops are open to City and community based frontline workers in Toronto who work with MVP youth. New workshops dates will be added throughout the year.


2023 Toolkits

Vicarious Trauma & Self Care

Supporting Young People through Incarceration & Reintegration

Using Community-Based Strategies to Combat Human Trafficking

2022 Toolkits

Supporting Indigenous Youth

2021 Toolkits

The Impact of Community Violence Exposure on Newcomer Youth

Online Program Delivery

Supporting LGBTQI2S Youth Throughout the Job Search Process

2020 Toolkits

Outreach with MVP Youth

Youth Mental Health

Vicarious Trauma & Self-Care

2019 Toolkits & Videos

Employment for Youth with Criminal Records
Art of Facilitation

Youth Mental Health

Mentorship with MVP Youth

Vicarious Trauma & Self-Care

Outreach with MVP Youth

Supporting Youth Through the Justice System

Exploring Expectations and Location in Working with Black Children, Youth and Families

Contact Information


Youth Frontline Workers Training – Summer 2021

The Youth Development Unit is supporting Frontline Youth Workers a new Summer Sector Training Series to learn about resources and supports available for youth most vulnerable to involvement in serious violence and crime.

Workshop Registration

Workshops are open to City and community based frontline workers in Toronto who work with youth vulnerable to serious violence and crime.

Date and Time: Tuesday, August 17 at 1 p.m.


Please register by Thursday, August 12 (noon) – Early registration is recommended because space is limited. Participants registered will receive an event agenda and link to this WebEx Panel Session on Friday, August 13. If you register after this date, you will receive the same information the morning of the event.

Session Details

In partnership with Black Youth Jobs (BYJ) and the Youth Employment Partnerships (YEP) network, Social Development, Finance and Administration’s (SDFA) Youth Development Unit is hosting a capacity building session for frontline workers from the youth employment sector with a specific focus on Black Youth Opportunities and Support Services.

We are inviting all front-line workers that want to participate and help strengthen a network supporting Toronto’s Black Youth. This Panel session will feature several programs in Toronto that directly support black youth through employment and mentorship supports as well there will be a number of youth speakers to talk about their employment journey. Front-line participants will be participating via chat and encouraged to share program knowledge.

The goal of the session is to create additional awareness about opportunities and supports for black youth. With your support leading up to, during and after this session the facilitators will be collecting and compiling all resources shared and provide that information back out to the folks who attend and our additional community partners.

This workshop will not be recorded, we want to open this session up to as many Frontline Youth Workers as possible that are able to attend this session live. We will be encouraging attendees to share their experience and information received with teammates and networks.

Attendee Takeaways

Email package that will include a network list of attendees, program information presented at the event, program information shared with session leads.

Follow Up Session

This session will lead into a follow up youth employment session that is under development for this fall and will be open to all community partners.

Workshop Facilitators
  • Gerard Meade (Black Youth Jobs)
  • Ahmahkyah Malcolm-Witter (Toronto Youth Partnerships & Employment, SDFA)
  • Craig Milson (Youth Development Unit, SDFA)

Please connect with Ahmahkyah Malcolm-Witter with any event questions.