Food Handler Certification Program

The certificate issued by Toronto Public Health is recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and other Health Units in Ontario. Those who successfully pass the exam will receive a Food Handler Certificate that is valid for five years.

There are three ways to obtain your Food Handler Certificate:

Classroom Session and Exam

  • All courses are offered in the Toronto area.
  • Instructors are Certified Public Health Inspectors.
  • Course is six hours of instruction followed by an exam.
  • Classroom sessions can be arranged at your location with a minimum of 15 participants.

Please call 416-338-7600.

Exam Only (Home study)

  • Exam materials are available online or can be purchased from Toronto Public Health.
  • All exams are offered in the Toronto Area.

Please register by calling 416-338-7600 ext 2.

Approved Courses

The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care approves programs/companies to train and certify Food Handlers. For more information about recognized providers or how to become a recognized provider, visit the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care – Environmental Health website. In addition, Toronto Public Health will also accept certificates issued by any Ontario Health Unit.

The Food Handler Certification Program provides an opportunity for food handlers to learn about food safety. Food handlers learn about:

  • public health legislation
  • the role of the public health inspector
  • foodborne illness
  • safe food handling methods
  • food premises sanitation

The information allows the food handler to successfully complete the examination to obtain a food handler certificate meeting the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s food handling training protocol and the City of Toronto’s requirement for mandatory certification of food handlers. More importantly, the information assists the food handler in storing, preparing, cooking and serving safe to eat food.

Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s Provincial Food Handler Training Manual

Food Handler Certification (Main Office)

40 St Clair Ave E., suite 201
Toronto, ON M4T 1M9

Metro Hall

55 John St. 
Toronto, ON M5V 3C6

Scarborough Civic Centre

150 Borough Dr. 
Toronto, ON M1P 4N7

Etobicoke Civic Centre

399 The West Mall 
Toronto, ON M9C 2Y2

North York Civic Centre

5100 Yonge St 
Toronto, ON M2N 5V7

Please be advised: Effective March 1, 2019, new fees will apply.

Description Fees (HST included) Fees (as of March 1, 2019)
Food Handler Training Program and Exam (Classroom session) $109.75 $112.07
Food Handler Examination
(Exam Only)
$59.44 $60.70
Manual $28.25 $28.85
Manual Mailed-out $39.55 $40.39
Replacement $22.60 $23.07


Prepayment is required. Payment can be made using the following methods:

  • Online by Visa, Mastercard or AMEX at the time of registration
  • In person (at the address below) by Cash, Debit Card, Visa, Mastercard or AMEX
  • Send a cheque or money order made payable to:

Treasurer, City of Toronto
Food Handler Certification Program
40 St Clair Ave. E., Suite 201
Toronto, ON M4T 1M9

Toronto Public Health offers Food Handler Certification Courses to provide food handlers with the knowledge of safe food handling practices to prevent food-borne illness.

By-law 678-2006 requires that the owner/operator of food establishments ensure that there is, at all times when the establishment is operating, at least one (1) certified Food Handler working in a supervisory capacity in each area of the premises where food is prepared, processed, served, packaged or stored.

Furthermore, every person licensed, or required to be licensed under Municipal Code Chapter 545 – Licensing, as a refreshment vehicle owner, operator, driver or assistant shall obtain a Food Handler certificate if such person sells or handles refreshments or is working in a refreshment vehicle from which ice cream, ice cream cones, frozen desserts and other frozen confections are sold.

Every person with whom this bylaw applies shall produce for inspection his or her Food Handler certificate along with a photo identification card upon request by City of Toronto Officials. The photo identification card is a valid card integrated with a photograph of the holder of the card and issued by, or under the authority of, the Government of Canada, a Canadian province or territory, a Canadian municipality or the Medical Officer of Health.