Here is some basic information that you will need in order to start, construct or renovate a food premise in the City of Toronto.

Food Premise Definition

A food premise is where food is manufactured, processed, prepared, stored, handled, displayed, distributed, transported, sold or offered for sale. A food premise includes kitchens in private homes that are used for the preparation and sale of food on a commercial scale (e.g. online food service).

All food premises are subjected to the requirements of the Ontario Food Premises Regulation including allowing access to Public Health Inspectors to conduct inspections.  Inspection results will be posted on the DineSafe website and an Inspection Notice (Pass, Conditional Pass or Closed) must be posted at the location of the premises.

Contact Toronto Public Health (TPH) and ask to speak to your local Public Health Inspector for more information regarding the legal requirements.

Before You Begin

Every person who intends to operate a food premises within the City of Toronto must notify the Medical Officer of Health before starting. This requirement also applies to operators purchasing an existing food premise.

Remember to research what additional legislation and bylaws may impact your business before you sign a lease. You may need to confirm zoning bylaws or submit building plans.