Employment-related services and supports are available for youth looking to find work.

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Toronto Youth Partnerships & Employment (TYPE) is a mobile intensive case management program supporting vulnerable youth (aged 16 to 29) in Toronto who are facing multiple barriers to finding employment. A Youth Outreach Counsellor will help you with life stabilization supports by developing an action plan and connecting you to employment services, skill development opportunities, or educational programs.

TYPE helps you move towards employability by identifying your skills and interests, and working through the barriers that prevent you from reaching your immediate and long term employment goals.

Youth in the TYPE program can access:

  • intensive, mobile, and youth directed support and service planning
  • support with job readiness and job preparation
  • connection to employment, education, and training programs

TYPE supports youth who identify as part of the following groups:

  • Indigenous
  • Black
  • Newcomer
  • Person with Disabilities
  • Experiencing Gender Based Violence
  • Involvement with the Justice System

Response to COVID-19

Please note that all in-person appointments with Youth Outreach Counsellors are temporarily suspended until further notice. Appointments with Youth Outreach Counsellors are currently being conducted virtually. Referrals are still accepted through the TYPE referral form.

Learn more about the City’s response to COVID-19.

How to Apply

To apply for the program, complete the TYPE Referral Form.


Email: type@toronto.ca

Some of Toronto’s leading companies want to invest in youth and are offering jobs to young candidates like you! If you are under 30 years of age, out of school and live in Toronto, don’t miss your chance to find employment opportunities through PAYE.

PAYE provides youth with one-on-one support, referrals to training and education, networking and mentoring opportunities, and jobs with career potential.

Each year, PAYE works with hundreds of employers to help more than 1,000 youth get jobs and connect with work-based learning opportunities.

Join this unique program to get the skills, experience and connections needed in today’s job market. Schedule a one-on-one coaching session and find out more about upcoming events and employment opportunities. Call 416-397-5627 or email PAYE@toronto.ca.

Youth Employment Partnerships (YEP) is a youth-friendly community organization network that offers co-ordinated support to young job seekers 15 to 29 years of age.

YEP is flexible to connect you to the right service and through one-on-one support and mentorship help you develop skills and knowledge as well as identify and secure the right opportunities with career potential. YEP can also connect you with training, certification and education programs to prepare you for employment. Find an upcoming YEP hosted event.

Next summer, work for the best boss ever… you!

Every summer, Enterprise Toronto delivers a program designed to foster the entrepreneurial spirit in students aged 15 to 29 who are returning to school in the fall.

In place of a summer job, students have the opportunity to be their own boss. All that’s required is a good summer company idea, a detailed business plan, commitment and hard work.

In return, students receive hands-on training from successful business people, financial support with awards up to $3,000, and the opportunity to find out if they have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

Apply for Summer Company and select Enterprise Toronto as your program provider.

This unique program pairs young female Torontonians with female City Councillors for a six month mentorship. Protégées learn about opportunities for women in local government, gain hands-on experience and understand the multi-faceted role of City Councillors.

To be eligible, applicants must identify as female, live in the City of Toronto, and be between 19 and 26 years of age.

Stay tuned for details on the 2020 program!

The Toronto Youth Job Corps is a paid employment program designed to connect you to the workforce.

Are you having a hard time getting a job or staying employed? Are you between the ages of 16 to 29 and out of work and out of school?

If yes, the Toronto Youth Job (TYJC) Corps program might be exactly what you need. This program is a full-time, six to 24 week paid employment preparation program for youth; especially those who are facing a difficult life situation or having a hard time getting a job. The program works in two phases.

Phase One:

  • The first five weeks is considered the pre-employment phase and you are paid to participate. During this time, you will have access to employment readiness and pre-employment supports, plus participate in a variety of workshops that build up your employment skills; including a paint site component
  • Workshops include employment readiness skills, resume and cover letter help, and career planning among other topics
  • You will also receive supportive one-on-one employment counselling and a referral to phase two of the program

Phase Two:

You will work in a paid job placement with a local employer for six to 24 weeks. Once you have successfully completed phase two, we will continue to help you find employment as well as skill development and/or educational opportunities. Job placements range from sales and administration to construction and the trades.

This program is coordinated by the City of Toronto’s Social Development, Finance, and Administration Division and is delivered by five community agencies across the city.

For more information and to apply please contact the agency closest to you:

South West Toronto: West Neighbourhood House (Formerly St. Christopher House)
1033 King St. W., Telephone: 416-848-7980 ext. 308

North West Toronto: West Scarborough Neighbourhood Community Centre
1919 Lawrence Ave. E., Suite 303, Telephone: 416-615-1049

North Central Toronto: JVS Toronto
1911 Finch Ave. W., Unit 3, Telephone: 416-636-2481

Toronto Mid-Town West: YES Toronto
783 Lawrence Ave. W., Unit 8 and 9, Toronto, Tel: 416-789-5236

North East Toronto/ Scarborough: Tropicana Community Services
1385 Huntingwood Dr., Telephone: 416-439-9009